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The 2022 Winning Choice Business Directory lists businesses and professionals that:
  • i) are existing or upcoming features in the 2022 Winner Magazine editions and/or 2022 BNS Sponsored News articles (subject to BNS review policies for professional conduct in 2022)
  • OR
  • are eligible for 2022 BNS Sponsored News, having met BNS policies for professional conduct in 2022
  • AND
  • ii) have provided proof of valid contact information for an authorized representative (current and verifiable photo, email from company domain, or testimony of identity from an authorized BNS reviewer)
  • AND
  • iii) have maintained good standing in resolving any existing 2022 reports submitted by consumers through BNS

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    Click the hyperlinked names of listed companies/ professionals to be directed to all editorials and articles in which they are featured; in doing so, you can find out more about what sets them apart, and possibly, what updates your can expect from them, next.  In the absence of article features (as may be the case for any upcoming features, for example) you will be redirected to their company/ professional website.

    Badge, Policies and Review

    Signifier Badge

    Businesses and/or professionals are granted the right to display the following badge in its white or black form, following review and consent by an authorized BNS official, and contingent on good standing for the year in which the badge is issued:

    Professional Conduct Policies

    Businesses and/or professionals must be able to provide proof that they deliver the service they commit to providing, by:

  • i) experiential review by a BNS representative

  • ii) recognition from a reputable review platform

  • iii) credible consumer reviews on a reputable review platform (it should not seem like reviews have been purchased or that there are only reviews from family and friends to inflate ratings)

  • Review

    Review will be overseen, personally, by the editor in chief:

    Jasmine Kara is a Harvard Business School graduate with extensive experience in entrepreneurship and interview coaching, vetting individuals by equitable standards, as well as in developing businesses to utilize current ethical practices.  A committee member of the National Council on Measurement in Education, Kara has been appointed to head the Spotlight Features program to represent important assessment-related research being conducted across the United States.  Furthermore, Kara has been selected as a Mensa scholarship judge for post-secondary applications in French and English, and she is also an admissions assessor for the rigorous University of Toronto Schools MMI interviews.  Often called to speak as a panelist for the University of Toronto, Kara welcomes the opportunity to share her expertise in business administration with students of all ages.  In 2022, the CSR's National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge for elementary grade students was launched as an extension to the entrepreneurship curriculum developed by Kara in 2020.  Kara's understanding of how to execute a balance between business growth, credibility, and ethical practice through easy-to-follow communication frameworks has been sought out by small and large organizations, alike.


    If you have experienced an issue with any listed company/professional that requires resolution, please submit this information through the reporting form ("report" button). If the authorized company contact/professional does not extend valid efforts to resolve your claim within 30 days of notification, their eligibility for 2022 WCBD listing will be immediately revoked.

    If a business or professional that is not listed on this directory is using the BNS Verification badge, please report this, immediately, through the same report form.


    If you would like to nominate a business for a 2022 WCBD directory listing, Winner Magazine feature, and/or Sponsored News, please first review our professional conduct policies and then submit a nomination form ("nominate a business" button).

    Car Dealership and Rental

    City Car & Truck Rental - Toronto, ON

    Toronto Auto Brokers - Toronto, ON


    Clutter Monkey - GTA, ON

    Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. - Ontario-Wide

    Vortex Services inc - London, ON

    VP Cleaning Services - Richmond Hill, ON


    Grey Matter Montessori - Calgary, CA

    Polka Dot Preschool Inc - Toronto, ON

    Safety Tree - Ottawa, ON

    Sidney Ledson Institute - Toronto, ON


    Sabrina Sapal- Los Angeles, CA/ International


    Gatt Wealth Management - St Catherines, ON

    Mohsen Moe Bolouri - Mortgage Broker - Vancouver, BC

    Noble GRPS Financial Inc  - Oshawa, ON

    Novinger Insurance - Toronto, ON

    Food and Dining

    Family Pizza - Alberta-wide

    General Contractors and Technicians

    7 Seas Construction - Alberta-Wide

    Central Commercial & Residential - Greater Vancouver Area, BC

    Gazda Plumbing - GTA, ON

    iLevel Contracting - GTA, ON

    Monster Plowing Company - Toronto, ON

    On Point Plumbing & Gas Ltd - Edmonton, AB

    Revivify Painting - Ottawa, ON

    SKS Electrical Ltd - Southern Alberta

    Ultra Vac Furnace & Duct Cleaning Ltd. - Winnipeg, MB


    Bumble Bee Baskets Inc. - AB/ Canada-wide


    Dr. Romi Fung, Naturopathic Doctor - Richmond, BC - online/international

    Market Lane Optical - Markham, ON

    OrthoSports Inc - Calgary, AB

    Red Leaf Wellness Inc - Edmonton, AB

    The Dempster Clinic - Center for Functional Medicine - Yorkville, ON

    Home Installations

    Toronto Comfort Zone - GTA, Ontario


    Grewal Immigration Services Ltd. - Edmonton, AB

    J. Donovan Law Group - Halifax, NB

    LCC Immigration - Ontario-wide

    Mirzadegan Immigration and Citizenship Services Inc. - Toronto, ON


    Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc.- Toronto, ON

    Godspeed Group - Ontario-wide


    INKspired Promotions inc - Mississauga, ON


    One Skn Inc - Calgary

    Touch of Elegance - Windsor, ON

    Thornhill Skin Clinic - Thornhill, ON

    Soft Touch Studio - Toronto, ON

    Media Production

    Don't Be Negative Photography - Toronto, ON


    Real Estate & Property Management

    Asal Jami INC - Montreal, QC

    Ben Sweet, Justin Becker & Associates - Calgary, AB

    Marius Mitrofan Group (Re/Max Prime Properties) - Markham, ON

    Orangelist Property Management - St Catherines, ON

    Recreational Facilities

    Grand Palms RV Resort -Grand Marais, Manitoba


    Condor Security Inc. - Toronto, ON

    Software Professionals

    Matt Freedman - Edmonton, AB

    Specialized Schools and Summer Schools

    4Cats Summer Camp - Edmonton, AB

    Agriculture and Food Museum - Ottawa, ON

    Boon Martial Arts - Dallas, TX

    Calgary Zoo Summer Camps - Calgary, AB

    Camp Doodles - San Francisco, CA

    Camp Edmo - San Francisco, CA

    Camp SLI - Hybrid, Toronto, ON/International

    CampTO - Toronto, ON

    Code-It Hacks - Toronto, ON

    Dovercourt Camps - Ottawa, ON

    FitKids Camps - Calgary, AB

    French Summer Camps - San Francisco, CA

    Gator Camp - San Francisco, CA

    Glow Yoga - Edmonton, AB

    JCCSF Camp - San Francisco, CA

    MRU Camps - Calgary, AB

    Mima and Cello Music School / Mima and Cello Ltd. - Calgary, AB

    North Glenora Playschool - Edmonton, AB

    Outschool - online/international

    Photo Sprouts - San Francisco, CA

    Pioneer Camp - Calgary, AB

    Prairie Gardens Camps - Edmonton, AB

    Richard Robinson Fashion Design Camp - Ottawa, ON

    Rundle Camp - Calgary, AB

    Sportball - Edmonton, AB

    Spy Camp - Ottawa, ON

    Stem Camps - Ottawa, ON

    Sunnybrae Summer Camp - Edmonton, AB

    The Steam Project - Toronto, ON

    Tims Camps - Ottawa, ON

    UCC Camps - Toronto, ON

    UTS Camps - Toronto, ON

    Young Actors Theatre Camp - Felton, CA

    Tattoo Art

    Collingwood Tattoo Company - Collingwood, ON


    Apadana Travel Corp - North Vancouver, BC