A Refreshing Record Label that's Setting a Good Example

The new record label to hit the Canadian scene has just arrived, and the label’s mission is to promote a higher moral standard for artists around the world.  TMC RECORDS Worldwide™ started out as the Toronto Music Collective, a centre for Music Education.  10 years later, we are witnessing TMC transform into a worldwide record label that is taking on the challenge to exclusively feature content that sets a good example.  TMC’s CEO, (and BNS' very own) Jasmine Kara, a mother of two young girls, describes finding frustration in not being able to play some of her favourite tunes in front of her impressionable young children, simply because there were so many inappropriate words or music video scenes.  This is one of the reasons why the label has set its high representation standards for music and videos presented in any language.  TMC RECORDS Worldwide™ is set to debut a lineup of hits in multiple languages across the world over the summer and winter of 2021, so stay tuned for some tunes that the whole family can enjoy!

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