About BNS News

Through www.bns-news.com, BNS News has provided thousands of productivity, trend, lifestyle, and business tips and reviews to readers across the world; BNS’ online article database is the one-stop resource needed by any multitasking professional.  Whether you’re looking for the best education tips for your kids, trying to figure out how to dress for your next Zoom meeting, or if you're catching up on new social media marketing strategies, you can search www.bns-news.com to find answers!

Winner Magazine

Winner Magazine complements the practical business and lifestyle news and tips shared through BNS by showcasing exclusive mentorship and recommendation interviews with leading professionals from around the world.  In June, Winner Magazine will debut its Juniors Edition, featuring brilliant young achievers that are likely to be future leaders in business, social development, research, and innovation.  Read more about Winner Magazine, here.

2022 Winning Choice Business Directory

With a fast-growing compilation of valuable industry insights from a number of professionals across varying domains, BNS has introduced the Winning Choice Business Directory for readers to conveniently browse through features by category.  All directory features undergo a professional conduct policy review and require good standing to remain verified and featured by BNS in the WC Business Directory.  If you would like to browse featured professionals or nominate /report a business, you can visit this link: click here

Giving Back to the Community

A portion of all profits goes toward donations to SickKids Hospital Foundation and the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Letter From the Editor

"Dear readers,

It is my absolute pleasure to connect with you as an increasingly capable and conscientious community, brought together by the inspiring insights shared by BNS and Winner contributors.  It feels as though my entire life's trials and triumphs have led up to this fulfilling role, in which I am fortunate to be able to combine the directives of business developer, educator, and social activist.  In conveying first-hand accounts of the hard work, accountability, and empowering philosophies that have brought our feature members to the subjective pinnacles of success through which both they and their clients are left enriched, the path to a higher performance standard is paved.  Now, with our youth features on the horizon, parents, such as myself, will further benefit from the wisdom of parents that have set the right supports for their children's unhindered achievement of their own subjective wins.  BNS and Winner are about answering: "What does being a Winner mean to you?  How do you look out for the people around you? What has worked, so we may all grow stronger, together, in balanced and productive symbiosis?"  Thank you to all the readers, contributors, and BNS/Winner staff that have so efficiently built this organization into the community benefit it is today.  I am truly grateful and humbled to play a part!


Jasmine Kara
Editor in Chief
BNS News & Winner Magazine"