Is it legal to carry pepper spray in Ontario?

 The scales aren't always balanced when it comes to protecting yourself against unwanted attackers at night or in an isolated area, and it is a natural instinct to want to carry pepper spray for personal protection.  The question you need to ask yourself is, "Will I get in trouble for carrying pepper spray?"  Using it is another story, all together!  Let's first have look at whether it's legal to carry pepper spray at all to begin with. 

The straight answer is, no.  Unfortunately, it is not legal to carry pepper spray.  According to Article 88  of the Criminal Code, pepper spray meets the definition of a prohibited weapon:

"88 (1) Every person commits an offence who carries or possesses a weapon, an imitation of a weapon, a prohibited device or any ammunition or prohibited ammunition for a purpose dangerous to the public peace or for the purpose of committing an offence."

This answer may come as a disappointment some, however, there are ways to defend yourself that won't land you in trouble.  We would strongly recommend travelling in groups and by vehicle as opposed on-foot when possible - especially at night!

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Original date of publishing: July 17, 2021


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