Scarlett Johansson Welcomes Her First Child with Colin Jost

The planet is rejoicing with the birth of a new Avenger. Scarlett Johansson, also known as Black Widow, for the MCU fans, welcomed her first child with Colin Jost. It was revealed by Saturday Night Live star.

In an Instagram post, Jost wrote, "Ok Ok we had a baby. His name is Cosmo. We Love Him Very Much." Marcel Pariseau, Scarlett Johansson's rep, confirmed the news too. Jost also requested the fans to give them some privacy. He said that privacy would be "greatly appreciated." He even joked that all inquiries should be directed to Michael Che, his SNL co-star. Check his Instagram here.

Che took the joke in stride and even updated his Instagram bio to include "cosmo's publicist." He also started sharing fan inquiries regarding the baby on his Instagram Stories. He wrote, "it's one thing to be obsessed with adult strangers you admire, but like, a baby? the (expletive) oceans are dying, and you're writing about somebody's baby? s'matta with you."

Che was surprised by Jost's post, and when someone enlightened him about it, he wrote, "he WHAT?!" and then wrote, "Well played jost.. well played.."


Johansson and Jost got engaged in May 2019 and got married in October. They shared the news of their wedding via the Instagram page for Meals on Wheels America, which is a charity that offers resources and foods to older adults. The post showed a picture of a Staten Island Ferry with "Jost Married" across the image.

The caption of the post read, "We're thrilled to break the news that Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost were married over the weekend in an intimate ceremony with their immediate family and loved ones, following COVID-19 safety precautions as directed by the CDC."

Scarlett Johansson met Jost via Saturday Night Live. She has hosted the show many times since 2006, and Jost joined the show in 2005 as a writer. He became the Head Writer and Weekend Update co-author later.

They announced their relationship via red carpet in 2018, when they posed together affectionately at the Premiere of Johansson's film, Avengers: Infinity War. In the film, she played the role of Black Widow, one of the avengers who fought against Thanos.

In his book "A Very Punchable Face: A Memoir," Jost wrote about meeting Johansson for the first time and described her as a "beautiful, smart, sweet and intimidatingly sophisticated" star who possessed a "grace and a smile that I've still never seen in any other human." The book was released earlier this year.

The marriage with Jost is Scarlett Johansson's third marriage. She was previously married to Ryan Reynolds and journalist Romain Dauriac. She shares a daughter Rose Dorothy Dauriac with the latter. This is Jost's first marriage and child.


Before the baby's arrival, Scarlett Johannsson made news when she sued Disney a few weeks ago. She claimed that her contract was breached as Black Widow (2021) was simultaneously released on Disney Plus with the theatrical release. As a result, it cut down on her potential for profits. Elsewhere in the entertainment world, comedian Sean Lock is dead at 58.

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