6 Tips for Shooting an Awesome Music Video

Making a music video is not as simple as it seems from a distance. You need to manage and execute countless steps to ensure that you make an appealing music video that connects to your audience. If you are an aspiring music video creator, then here are 5 tips for shooting an awesome music video that you will probably like.

1.       Focus on Quality

Many people assume that making a music video is simple and doesn't need much hard work. They couldn't be more wrong. It is a fact that when you create a music video, you need to work hard and within a budget. So, it would be wise not to overpromise and underdeliver. You need to ensure that you build positive relationships with everyone involved so that they prefer to work with you again.

2.       Ensure Uniqueness

When picking an artist for the video, ensure that the artist is established and knows what they are doing. Then, build upon the popularity and come up with unique ideas for your video. Also, be creative when it comes to branding the video to connect with the target audience from the start. Do not do what others are doing and focus on doing something no one has said or done in the past.

3.       Go for Simplicity

We live in a world where minimalism is getting popular, and simplicity is adopted even by celebrities. So, take a risk and pick a simple idea with a solid reputation to ensure that you get everyone's attention. It's way better than picking a complex idea that has an average execution.

4.       Always Improv!

Though planning everything from shots to lighting, framing to styling is a wise move, you would be smart to leave room for improv or improvisation and give the artists the freedom to be impulsive without any fear. The things you or the artists improve might turn out to be what makes the video click with the audience.

5.       Avoid Repetition

When creating a music video, you need to get rid of excess footage to ensure that you don't repeat anything or keep the repetitions to a minimum. So have a lot of unused footage before you go in for the edits, as you might need those to avoid repetitions.

6.       Know Your Audience

Like everything you create for an intended audience, creating a music video also involves considerable research on the target audience. When creating a music video, research the target audience and know what kind of music videos they like and share on social media. It is also a great move to release a teaser, see the audience's response and tweak the video based on the feedback. You can also release a couple of the teasers as per a schedule to keep the audience engaged and looking for more.

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