How to Choose the Perfect Makeup Artist for Your Wedding or Photoshoot

Whether you are getting married soon or you are planning a perfect photoshoot, you need to find the right makeup artist who glorifies the best in you and hides your flaws flawlessly. Here are a few simple tips on how to choose the perfect makeup artist for your wedding or photoshoot.

Ø  Get the Basics Done

Before you look for a makeup artist, you need to nail down the basics. You should know what you will be wearing on your special day, what’s the venue and what hairstyle you would prefer. All these will help your makeup artist to find just the right look for you.

Ø  Set a Budget

If you are planning your wedding, you might know the importance of a budget already. We are highlighting it again here. Don’t splurge too much on a makeup artist if you can’t afford it. You might regret it later on.

Ø  Look Yourself

Many people go overboard when it comes to finding the right makeup for their wedding or a photo shoot. They aim for a look that makes them look like a stranger. You should avoid that mistake and ensure that you look like yourself. Natural beauty is much appreciated these days. So, stick to the basics and choose the look that enhances your natural beauty more.

Ø  Spend Time on Research

Finding the right makeup artist is not easy as everyone on the internet claims to be the best. You need to research and read the customer reviews of the artists you are considering. Dig deep into their social media profiles to see how they work and what results they deliver. Interview all the candidates you have shortlisted and assess their makeup knowledge if you can. Ask for some before and after pictures, if possible, to judge their skills and abilities.

Ø  Check their Behavior

When planning a wedding or an important photoshoot, you need to check the behavior of the makeup artist. Call them for a meeting and see whether they are punctual or not. Similarly, talk to them and see how professionally they talk to you. The person you need to choose shouldn’t be too professional to appear rude or too friendly to appear fake.

Ø  Book a Trial Run

If possible, talk to the makeup artist and book a trial run. It will help you to be sure that they are as skilled as they claim to be. In contrast, if the trial run is not like what you hoped for, you can always choose another makeup artist.

Ø  Read and Sign the Contract

In case everything has gone well till now, the next step is to read the contract and then sign it. Spend some time reading the contract thoroughly so that you don’t get cheated and know exactly what you are signing up for. Make sure all the costs are laid out clearly, and there is no scope of hidden costs.

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-by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source







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