How to Choose the Right Name for Your Business

When you start a company, the first thing to spend your energies on is its name. If the name is right, it can help connect to the customers and easily turn them into a brand. In contrast, if the name selection goes wrong, it can lead to legal issues, customer dissatisfaction, and even business loss. To help you out, here are some pointers on how to choose the right name for your business.

1.       Choose an Easy to Spell Name- Always pick an easy to spell name to avoid mistakes in spelling by your customers. No one wants to remember a tough spell name while we all love easy to remember and short names.

2.       Don't Restrict Your Business- Don't name the business something like dresses Canada as it might restrict your business to one country only. Think big and hope to be a global brand one day. So, choose a non-location-specific name.

3.       Do Ample Internet Research- Make sure that the name you have picked is not already taken. If it is, you better start again.

4.       Choose a .com Domain- As mentioned in this article, .com domains are most preferred by businesses. So, you should pick a name for which you can get a .com website.

5.       Go for Something Meaningful. It is always smart to pick a name with some meaning behind it, even if it's in another language. Meaningless names are hard to turn into brands that people can connect to.

6.       Get Some Feedback- Before finalizing the name, get feedback on it from family, friends, and business acquaintances to ensure that it's appealing enough.

7.       Go for Simple Pronunciation- Don' pick a name that's hard to pronounce.  As many people don't prefer things they can't pronounce right, you might lose potential customer interest in the future if you pick a hard-to-pronounce name.

8.       Check the Sound- Say the name aloud to yourself to hear how it sounds. The sound of the name does make a big difference when building a brand.

9.       Take Care of the Legalities- Doing internet research is not enough. Take the help of a legal expert to check whether the name you have chosen is not taken or reserved by any other person or entity. If not, you better take some steps to make it legally yours.

10.   Ask Your Partner- If you plan to set up a company with a partner, make sure you ask their opinion on the name. It should be approved by both of you. If more than one person is helping you establish your company, hold a meeting, and propose several names. Then you can all decide on one name that is liked by all (or a majority).

11.   Ask Your Opinion- As a business owner, the name of your business will be connected with your name and reputation. So, make sure you pick a name that you like. Don't be overinfluenced by what others say, and don't ever compromise. Instead, pick a name that will be easy to build into a brand and one that you can connect with proudly.

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