Magnolia Construction- One of the Top Home Renovation Companies in Ottawa (ON)

When you need to trust one of Ottawa's top home renovations companies, you can trust Magnolia Construction. It offers amazing services at the best prices and ensures that client satisfaction is always achieved. It also provides exceptional customer service and ensures that the quality is never compromised.

Explaining what makes Magnolia Construction successful in Ottawa, a team representative of the company stated," We work closely with our clients to help fulfill the vision of their project design. Our business is built on trust and client service."

What Makes Magnolia Construction Different?

Magnolia sees each home renovation project as a unique opportunity to help clients by transforming the spaces in which they spend the most time. The team never rests on laurels and will work with passion and dedication to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Ø  Established Reputation

The team has worked hard to earn a solid reputation in the Ottawa home renovation space.

Ø  Latest Styles & Trends

Magnolia combines the latest styles with renovations that will last you for years to come.

Ø  Total Customization

No job is too big or small, and every project gets their experts' full attention and unique touches.

Ø  Client-Focused Approach

The team is happy to be in the people business. They think it's their pleasure to serve you and your family.

Key Services

Kitchen Remodeling

Magnolia Construction is one of the top home renovations companies in Ottawa that specializes in Kitchen Renovations. They have transformed many a kitchen in Ottawa, with renovations ranging from islands and new countertops to knocking down walls and changing the entire dynamic to a more contemporary space.

Their extensive experience in kitchen renovations means you're getting highly skilled craftsmanship to execute an exquisite transformation. The design team will combine your ideas with their ability to create functional kitchens. So, whether you are looking to incorporate more trendy designs or stick with a traditional aesthetic, you can trust them.

Bathroom Renovations

Magnolia Construction offers bathroom renovations that deliver quality results on time and within budget. Their experts will work with you to create an upgraded bathroom that makes you want to linger for a while, light a candle and relax. They have remodeled countless bathrooms in Ottawa homes, from counters and sinks to showers & tubs to tile floors. Their team leaves no stone unturned when they executive a renovation, keeping your satisfaction in mind at every measurement, cut, and fitting.

Basement Transformations

Magnolia can also transform your basement from "blah" to "wow." We'll work with you to design and deliver a functional, livable basement space that your family (or your tenant) will truly enjoy. Talk to Magnolia experts about how they can work with you to build a dream basement. There's no need to aim low. You deserve the best quality renovation. Magnolia can make that happen.

Home Additions

Putting an addition onto your home is no small step. If not done right, it can present vast challenges and end up looking awkward. But when done by experts who know the process and pitfalls involved, it's a great way to expand and enhance your home's living experience. Ottawa's home renovation pros at Magnolia are experienced in home additions and can guide you through the steps involved – from vision to blueprint, permits to construction. They will answer all your questions and stay in constant communication to keep you at ease. Soon enough, you'll have a beautiful addition to your home. To get a quote, get in touch at You can also visit the website here.


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