5 Ways to Motivate Your Child

Raising kids is one of the most challenging aspects of life. Sometimes the children are super active and don't want to stop, and sometimes they are too lazy to get up from the bed and brush their teeth. If your child often hesitates to take care of basic tasks and lacks the motivation to do so, you should read on. Here we have mentioned the top 5 ways to motivate your child that usually work wonders.

1.       Focus on Meaningful Conversations

The first way to motivate your child is to have meaningful conversations with them. If you want your child to clean their teeth, tell them why cleaning the teeth regularly is important and how to do it more effectively. Similarly, when your child is done with the task, appreciate their efforts and highlight how good the outcome is. Also, be there to help for the first few times if your child is learning a new task to guide them and help them overcome any problems into which they might run.

2.       Remember the Capabilities

When you feel frustrated due to the lack of motivation of your child, you should focus on their capabilities. Praise them for whatever they did right and remember the fond memories like when your child first learns to say their name or when they first stood on their feet. If you know your child is capable and still unable to do a task, ask them what challenges they face and help them get a solution.

3.       Accept their Flaws

Just like adults, children also have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, some children might excel at folding the laundry the right way, while others might be good at keeping their rooms clean. So, if your child cannot do something properly, take over the chore and fix it yourself. Don't criticize the child over and over again for the same imperfections. Instead, praise their efforts.

4.       Appreciate them More

Appreciation is one of the basic human needs. Everyone from a toddler to an older adult likes to be appreciated. So, if you are hoping to motivate your child, you need to appreciate their efforts. Even trivial things like not talking when having food or washing their hands before every meal should be appreciated. Two words like "very good" can motivate a child to keep doing the good things or following the good habits. It will also add to the overall positivity levels of your home environment.

5.       Lead by Example

Whether your child is a baby or a younger one, you will notice that your child will imitate your habits without any motivation. So, if you want your child to do things in a certain way, you need to do them yourself. For instance, if you want your child to brush their teeth twice, you need to do the same. Similarly, if you want your child to maintain cleanliness in their room, you must keep the entire house clean.

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