6 Time-Saving Tricks for Over-Booked Business Leaders

Many of us wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day. If you are a business leader with tons of responsibility who often thinks they don’t have enough hours in a day, read on. Here are six time-saving tricks for over-booked business leaders.

1.       Sort Emails Smartly

The first thing you need to do every day to save time is to tackle your emails in the mornings. You should unsubscribe to emails you don’t need and delete all unwanted emails without a thought. You would also be smart to keep your email replies short and crisp to save time.

2.       Learn About Strategic Objectives

It is also timesaving to set a list of strategic goals that you need to accomplish daily, weekly, or monthly. It will help you stay focused and not waste time thinking about what you need to do next.

3.       Start Delegating

If you are lucky enough to have a few reliable people, make sure you delegate the add-on work to them. It would help if you learned to trust other people to do some tasks for you to don’t waste time doing those tasks yourself. You need to look over their work and approve what they did right. It will help save a lot of time.

4.       Set Reasonable Deadlines

When you want to manage your time better, you need to set reasonable deadlines for yourself. Aim to complete some tasks by lunch and then some others by the evening. It is a fact that deadlines motivate people to do more in less time and help them to stay focused. Make sure the deadlines you set are realistic and not unachievable.

5.       Use Apps

One of the boons of technology that we have currently is mobile devices. You can make the most of them in your time management efforts by downloading time management apps that help you keep track of how much you can accomplish in a timeframe and guide you on being more efficient. There are countless apps out there.

You need to try a few and pick one that works for you. You would be smart to learn about the best apps, compare them and then pick the one that meets your needs. Here are 12 apps that you might want to consider.  

6.       Train Others Regularly

A smart leader always has backups. If you think you don’t have enough time to do everything you need to do, you need to learn to train others to do it. You can pick smart people from your team, train, and mentor them so that slowly they can start taking your responsibilities and ease off the pressure you have to deal with.

Training a replacement will also ensure that you focus more on leadership rather than day-to-day tasks. If you need more help, here are a few tips on how to train someone to do your job. They might come in handy when you think of retiring or reducing your workload to manage time better.

by Shruti , BNS Business News





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