Can Music Help with Employee Productivity?

Many people believe that music helps in boosting morale, engagement, and productivity. Do you also believe it? Is it beneficial for an organization? Read on to know the answers.

Pros of Listening to Music for Employees

·       It helps them to focus on the work in a better manner.

·       They also absorb information more effectively.

·       Some employees say that music helps in boosting their creativity.

·       A few employees use music to boost morale.

·       Employees also feel that music helps them to drown out co-workers.

·       Often, music also helps to break up mundane tasks.

Cons of Listening to Music for Employees

·       Music playing at work might not attract all employees.

·       Some employees might see it as a distraction.

·       Music can also lead to interruptions in communication with colleagues or clients.

What Research Says?

According to research, employers who employ people for data analytics, advertising, computer programming, and marketing-related jobs allow people to listen to music.

As per one set of music in the workplace stats, about half of responders admitted that they listened to music at work regularly.

A study also found that 73% of the workers were more productive if there was music playing in the background. About 65% of businesses thought that music helped them to be more productive.

Another study unveiled that 88% of people who were doing data entry, proofreading, or solving math problems were able to produce more accurate work. About 81% also worked at a faster pace when they listened to music.

According to experts, listening to music for just 15-30 minutes can help a person regain concentration.

Music can also help relax the employees and further help in boosting productivity.

As per one analysis, listening to background music might disturb the process of reading.

Music can help employees to recharge and boost engagement at work. Better engagement leads to more accuracy, higher concentration, and a productivity boost.

Types of Music

Music with lyrics might hamper productivity, while music without lyrics might help boost it.

Some genres of music like nature, instrumental, classic, movie or TV scores, white noise, and video game soundtracks might actually boost the productivity of employees.

Some people prefer jazz, hip-hop, rock, alternative, etc., to be at their best.

How To Include Music in Your Workplace?

If you are an employer who wants to include music at the workplace to boost productivity, then you can follow these tips:

·       Create a policy about music in the workplace to avoid any conflicts or confusion.

·       Decide people in which positions can listen to music.

·       Choose how employees can listen to music.

·       Make sure the clients or other employees are not bothered by music at the workplace.

·       You might choose to allow employees to listen to music but not use streaming services.

·       Make sure the employees don’t sing with music out loud as it might create distractions for other employees.

·       Employees who are working in a dangerous job shouldn’t be allowed to use headphones as the music blasting through the earphones might distract them from their surroundings and put their safety at risk. Abide by OSHA’s rules in such situations.

by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source



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