Top 10 Careers for Creative Minds

Many people believe that if you are a creative type of person, you will not get a job easily. It is a myth. Every person needs to be creative to do their job right. For example, lawyers might not need creativity to build art, but they will need creativity to find unique solutions to help their clients. If you have a creative mind and are looking for a creative job only, here’s a list of the top 10 careers for creative minds. Have a look and pick one that matches your skills and abilities.

1.       Architect

People who are interested in buildings should consider this career option. You need practical, mathematical, and creative skills to succeed in this profession. Just get a degree that the Canadian Architectural Certification Board approves (CACB) or enroll in the ‘apprenticeship’ Syllabus Program offered by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC). You can be paid anywhere between $38,397 to $110,677 in this role.

2.       Marketing Manager

In this role, you can ensure that a business or product/service is marketed right to ensure more sales and better customer acquisition. You need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration. You also need excellent communication and writing skills. The salary ranges between $41,142 – $130,000.

3.       Executive Chef

Paying anywhere between $39,864 – $84,970, this job is good for people who love food culture. You need a high school degree and trade certification to get into the kitchen and help pamper people’s tastebuds.

4.       Software Designer

If you have decent math and programming skills, problem-solving abilities, and a creative vision, you can design software and earn $50,003 – $122,990. You need a bachelor’s in computer science or software engineering for this job.

5.       Writer

If you are an expressive person, you should consider writing as a profession. You will get the opportunity to write on assorted topics or choose to be a niche writer. Just make sure you can stick to the deadlines. You can make anywhere between $30,618 – $85,800 in this job.

6.       Videographer

If you have a good visual sense, you can shoot events, commercials, documentaries, and much more. You need a bachelor’s or associate degree in video production or even self-teaching. This job is of an adventurous nature and pays anywhere between $29,994 – $87,360.

7.       Video Game Designer

In this job, you will collaborate with artists and programmers to create the concept, settings, characters, story, mode of play, and game structure. You need tech skills, a high school/bachelor’s degree, and creativity for this role. You can earn $34,810 – $70,547 in this job.

8.       Art Director

You need creative skills and a bachelor’s degree in the art for this role. You will be responsible for images and visual styles in magazines, newspapers, ads, TV/web, movie productions, and even product packaging. The salary ranges from $40,127 – $86,696.

9.       Public Relations Manager

Got great people skills and a knack for image building, you can be a PR manager. Your creativity and problem-solving skills will be needed here. People who have a bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, etc., will do well in this job. The salary ranges between $69,579 – $123,487.

10.   Tattoo Artist

If you are fond of sketching and inking, you might want to consider this career option. Just make sure you are creative enough and meet the licensing requirements before pursuing this as a full-time job.

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by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source



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