10 Children That Earned Entrepreneurial Success

Most kids have a normal childhood where they play all day, study some, and have tasty food without a care in the world. Some unique kids do things differently. They build a business from scratch and turn out to be millionaires as adults. Here is the list of 10 children that earned entrepreneurial success. Read on to get motivated.

1.       Ryan

This seven-year-old, who plays with and reviews new toys via his YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview is an inspiration. He has made US$ 11 million in a single year, thanks to the immense success of his show. He has more than 18 million subscribers, and one of his videos is nearing 2 billion views. Follow him on Instagram.  

2.       Joelle Joanie "JoJo" Siwa

Turning one's face into a brand is not child's play, but Joelle or JoJo has done it magnificently. She got people's attention on Dance Mons and now has over 7.9 million followers on Instagram and over 8.9 million subscribers on YouTube. She also has juices, dolls, and much more. Her net worth is near US$ 12 million. Follow her on Instagram.

3.       Moziah Bridges

This young kid launched a bow tie business when he was just 9, and he will turn 17 soon. As of 2018, he has sold over US$ 600,000 worth of products. Check out his Instagram.

4.       Makenna Kelly

This 13-year-old is a YouTube superstar. You may know her from Life With MaK. She makes around a thousand bucks each day, and her YouTube channel has 1.3 million videos. Her channel is dedicated to ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response videos. Follow her on Instagram.

5.       Marsai Martin

At 14 years of age, Martin is the youngest executive producer ever to have walked on the planet. He will star in, and executive produce a comedy called Little. Her salary from the film is US$ 200,000 with the potential to make US$ 300,000 more. Follow her on Instagram.

6.       Ryan Kelly

The founder of Ry's Ruffery, a company that makes a high-quality line of dog treats, started the business when he was just 10. He appeared on Shark Tank with his mom when he was 10. Now, he is 14, and the profits of the duo have spiked from US$ 800 to six figures. Follow the brand here.

7.       Mikaila Ulmer

Anyone can sell lemonade, but this 13-year-old has her own line of lemonade that's sold at Whole Foods. She started making the refreshing drink when she was just 4. Now, she has an entire company called Me & the Bees Lemonade that sells more than just different types of lemonade. Follow her here.

8.       Cory Nieves

Who doesn't want to own a cookie business? Nieves was just six when he launched a cookie business. Now he is 15 and still sells cookies. He has associated with big brands like Macy's Barney's, Whole Foods, and many others. Follow him here.

9.       Abby Kircher

The quest for healthier breakfast options led a high-schooler to create an entire line of nut butters. Now she is a 19-year-old CEO of a business that has expanded exponentially and had a worth of US$ 80,000 in 2017 only. Follow her here.

10.   Shubham Banerjee

Last on the list, but not least, this entrepreneur invented a low-cost Braille printer, Braigo, that could "disrupt" the industry when he was 12. He was the youngest person ever who got a venture capitalist investment. Follow him on Twitter.





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