10 Ways to Avoid Distractions and Increase Focus While Working

We live in a world where distractions are just there. Be it your wife calling you when you are making a sales pitch or Whatsapp forwards bothering you when you are in the middle of a meeting. Eventually, we all learn to live with distractions and adjust to them. However, if you are looking for a better solution, here are 10 ways to avoid distractions and increase focus when working.

1.       Plan Beforehand

It is always recommended that you plan your day in advance. You can do it the night before or early in the morning. Set priorities on the tasks you need to do so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

2.       Mute the Notifications

If the notifications on your mobile or computer are distracting you, make it a habit of turning them off when you start the work and turn them back on after you are done for the day.

3.       Comfort Matters

To avoid your mind wandering, you should ensure that you wear comfortable clothes and have comfortable office furniture. Adequate lighting and temperature should also be maintained.

4.       Try Meditation

If you find your mind distracting more than normal, you should try meditation. Just spare 3-5 minutes in a quiet place, close your eyes and count till 34. If you lose your focus, start from one again. Here are some other tips.

5.       Set Small Goals

You should set smaller goals that you can achieve every day to ensure that you get a sense of satisfaction many times a day. It would make you more productive and help you to stay motivated.

6.       Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation can be counterproductive and reduce your efficiency levels. If you don’t get enough sleep, the sleep debt can build up and make you feel sluggish or tired all the time. So, you must get at least 8 hours of sleep daily.

7.       Go for Rewards

Another smart way to increase your productivity is to set rewards for yourself. It will help you to stay focused and avoid distractions that impact your productivity. Rewards are motivating as you will crave more once you have achieved one or more.

8.       Walk It Off

When you think distractions surround you, you should learn to take a walk. Taking a walk where you empty your mind of all thoughts will help you clear your head and return to work with more enthusiasm. Even a 15-minute walk is enough! Here are some other benefits of walking.

9.       Consider Visual Reminders

It is also an excellent idea to set visual reminders that help you to stay on track. Using motivational quotes and posters is the simplest way to keep yourself on track.  Keep changing the visuals after a while to make things interesting.

10.   Get Downtime

Lastly, you should try to take some downtime every day. You can take an hour lunch break or 15 minutes for exercise that will keep you energized throughout the day. Remember, a healthy body will help you get a healthy mind!



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