7 Factors to Determine If a Job is the Right Fit for You

When you have been looking for a job for a while and land a job offer, your first instinct is to accept the job offer and be done with the process. However, experts recommend that you should not rush the process. You should instead remember the 7 factors to determine if a job is a right fit for you. It will help you be sure of whether you want to sign the dotted line because you want to or you are just doing it for the sake of getting a job. Here are those 7 important questions.

1.       Company Values and Yours

The first thing you need to check is the list of company values. You should only accept the job offer if many or most company values align with your personal values. If they don’t match at all, you might not be happy or satisfied with this job, and you should skip this company for good. Learn more about company values here.

2.       The Challenges of the Job

You need to make sure that you know how challenging the job is going to be. It should be challenging enough to keep you interesting or engaged. But, it should also not be too challenging, or you might increase your stress levels. But, on the other hand, if there are no challenges, you might get bored. So, the ideal level of challenges is needed.

3.       Know the People

It is also wise to use LinkedIn to know your future boss and colleagues. It will help you determine what kind of people they are and how you can bond with them. You should then decide whether you can work with these people daily or not.

4.       Gauge the Work Environment

You should also try to gauge the work environment and decide whether it will help you to be your productive best or not. For instance, if the work atmosphere has too much loud music, you will be able to work there or not.

5.       Retaining Your Lifestyle

We all take up the job for decent compensation and benefits. You need to look at the compensation and benefits offered by the company and then decide whether it will allow you to retain your lifestyle or enhance it or not. If you aren’t satisfied with the compensation or benefits, you better look for another job.

6.       Professional Satisfaction

Professional satisfaction is what we should all look for in a job. Your job should be exciting enough that you are happy to go to work every day. Your job should motivate you to plan your day smartly and give you professional satisfaction day after day. People who are not satisfied with their jobs are usually the ones who hate Mondays and love Fridays. Don’t join this club if you don’t want to. It might make your life sad or sadder. 

7.       Career Path

Whenever you get a new job offer, ensure that it fits within your career path. Each person should have some career goals that they need to achieve. So, the new job you take should help you achieve your goals sooner rather than later. Learn more about career paths here.



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