An Overview of the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board Inc.

With a number of curious readers emailing their questions about the CBRB's unique listing service, we decided to do an article to answer some top questions. 


1. Is the CBRB legit?

Pulling up public corporate records from, you will see that the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board Inc. is an active federally registered corporation in accordance with the CBCA Canada Business Corporations Act. 

2. Who is the CBRB/  What is the CBRB?

As listed on , “The CBRB Canadian Business Review Board Inc. was developed by a group of private investors that wanted to pair innovative marketing with the moral directive of promoting businesses that were most likely to deliver a positive experience for consumers. “

This is paired with a disclaimer, stating, “The CBRB Canadian Business Review Board Inc. is not government-associated and serves to review and promote businesses for profit, based on an analysis of public review data, nominations from individuals, and on-going consumer feedback.  “

3. Is it easy to get verified by the CBRB?

Statistics Canada reports 1,226,454 businesses operating in Canada in 2019, which applied in reference to the CBRB’s 2021 list of best businesses in Canada approximates a verification rate of 0.06% ( .  

4. Can a fake business get verified by the CBRB?

 The CBRB communications policy states that "Due to the large number of emails and registration requests, some response receipts may be automated.  If a business is sent a membership registration form or acceptance letter in error, a notice to retract the membership offer will be sent upon final verification review.”

5.  How did the CBRB get so popular on Instagram?

CBRB’s Benefits page offers the following description of their Brand Awareness Program: “We offer our Verified Members a variety of online marketing resources and services including promotional videos and social media campaigns to help our members showcase the strengths of their brand and build consumer engagement.”

6. Why do people pay to be listed with the CBRB?

Combining the average base-rate for a 30 second commercial in Toronto, Canada ($2500) and average annual listing fee for comparable Canadian Directories ($3000 cited for HomeStars), our valuation of the CBRB’s services is $5500 per year.  


7. What is the CBRB’s review process?

The CBRB website states that “businesses must excel in: Customer Relations, Quality of Service/ Product, Proven Sustainability (and), Innovation (the ability to adapt to evolving customer needs),”   and that they factor “analysis of public review data, nominations from individuals, and on-going consumer feedback. “  A search for randomly selected companies listed on the CBRB website revealed uniform 4-5 star ratings on Google, Facebook, and/or other review sites, along with written review sentiments leaning toward favourable feedback.  

All factors considered, the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board Inc. has found a way to stand out as a new type of legitimate and exclusive directory and brand promotion service by leveraging a performance-based representation process, eye-catching verification badges and commercials, and an active social media strategy.  



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