Work From Home Vs. Office - Which is Better?

The work-from-home trend has seen a huge rise in the recent past due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As a result, more companies are adopting the work from home approach and letting non-essential workers work from the comfort of their homes. But is it wise? Are people more productive when working from home or the office? Let's try to find out.

Numbers Speak

Several studies conducted over the last few months have revealed that the productivity of people who are allowed to work from home is better than when they used to work from the office. When people work from home, they spend 10 minutes less a day being unproductive, and they work one more day a week. They are also 47% more productive.

Why Work from Home Was Not Popular Earlier?

The work from home model was not popular earlier because many companies feared that work from home employees would be less productive. It is true to some extent as there are more distractions at home.

A recent study also mentioned that the more hours a person works from home, the lesser would be their productivity. People who work 8 hours a day are 70% less productive than people who don't work from home.

How Has COVID-19 Changed Things?

Due to COVID-19, more people were suddenly pushed to work from home. It led to the betterment of communication software. A report stated that workers are most productive on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 10.30 am to 3 pm when working from home. In a home environment, workers are less distracted by co-workers and spend 30 minutes less talking about non-work topics and 7% less time talking to management.

How Work from Home is Better than Work from Office?

Many factors make work from home better than the office. Some of them include no commute time, less water cooler talks, and more time for exercise.

How to Be More Productive During Work from Home?

If you want to be more productive while working from home, you need to remember the following tips that will help you to boost your productivity and stay focused.

Create a comfortable workspace where you can work without disruptions. You can convert an extra room in your home to your office that has no added screens like TV, Xbox, etc. It should have everything you need to do your work.

It is also wise to use a day planner to stay organized and ensure that you stay on schedule and don't postpone or forget any essential tasks. Make a list of things you need to do daily to ensure you have a routine and perform consistently.

You should also learn to time your breaks to ensure that your personal life doesn't overshadow your work. After every break, work for 30 minutes in a row to ensure that you don't become unproductive.


It is also wise to stay connected with your colleagues during meetings or otherwise so that you still feel that you are part of the workforce.

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Final Words

All in all, it can be said that working from home can be just as good or even better than working from your office if you stay focused and don't let personal distractions interrupt the work schedule.

Here are some mental health tips for working from home.


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