10 Stocks to Buy Before Christmas 2021

Investing in stocks is always a risk. But if you are smart about it, you can earn a decent profit from this investment. To help you make the right decision, we have created this list of 10 stocks to buy before Christmas 2021.

1.       At Home Group Inc.

The specialty retailer's shares are expected to rise shortly. The sales are up, and the company is boosting its delivery capacities to meet the rising shopping season demand. It is a hot buy right now.

2.       1800FLOWERS.com

The demand for online flower and gift delivery rises during Christmas time. As the coronavirus pandemic impacted last Christmas, the holiday demand will increase this year. Therefore, investing in this company is a smart move.

3.       The TJX Companies

This brand has many companies under its umbrella. Its main job is to buy inventory at bargain-basement prices from the failing retailers and then sell them at a low price while still earning a profit. It even thrived in 2020.

4.       Lululemon Athletica

The stock of this athleisure retailer went quite low recently, but analysts believe that it will rise again and soon. The brand is planning to move into menswear and shoes and launch new products. Its community events are also quite popular.

5.       iShares Transportation Average ETF

Some experts expect 2021 to be the busiest e-commerce shopping season in history. s Transportation Average will play a key role in delivering the packages this year. So, you must invest in it.

6.       Duolingo

This company's stock rose from $120 per share in late August to $202 per share in the second half of September. Then it fell, and now it has risen again. The subscription rate in the news is increasing, the in-app purchases are rising, and even the sales numbers are heading in the right direction.

7.       Teladoc Health

When everything is getting affected by the Omicron variant, the share market might also be impacted. Teladoc Health might be one of the biggest winners in such a scenario. The shares of this brand skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

8.       MercadoLibre

Retailers and consumer-facing businesses do well during the holiday season. This Latin American e-commerce and digital payments giant has seen a boom in its core business that rose during the coronavirus pandemic. This company has done well in the past and is expected to do well in the future as well.

9.       AT&T

This telecom giant is expected to generate huge cash flow in the future. It will soon have a content company that is expected to do well. The company has moved on from its past failures and is expected to be a good bet in the future.

10.   Zoom Video Communications

As work from home became the new norm during the coronavirus pandemic, the shares of this company soared in 2020. Though the stock saw a decline in 2021, its high growth is still there. As the demand for high-quality video meetings is not going away anytime soon, you can invest safely in this stock.

Are you a first-time investor? Make sure you avoid these dangerous moves.

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