Can Vlogging Help Boost Sales?

Vlogging or video blogging is one of the best ways to attract customers online and keep followers engaged. Though it has existed since 2000, it didn't get the popularity it deserved until 2005 after YouTube was launched. Now, it has become a key aspect of the digital marketing strategy of several businesses.

According to the findings of The Content Marketing Institute, 71% of B2B marketers made use of video marketing, and 66% of B2C marketers did the same. Video marketing is also totally worth it. In research shared by Wyzowl, 89% of video marketers agreed that it gives a good ROI, while 83% agreed it helps with lead generation. 80% said that video has directly helped boost sales, while 87% said it increased website traffic.

So, the short answer to can vlogging help boost sales is yes. Read on for more.

Ø  Video is the Future

It is estimated that by 2022, online videos will consist of over 82% of all consumer traffic on the internet. Vlogging and video content are quite huge and will grow in the future as well. Customers prefer video content more as it makes information more digestible.

Ø  A Human Touch

It is a fact that vlogging lets you add a human touch to your marketing. It allows them to see and hear you, which plays a key role in gaining customers' trust. Hearing the tone of a person is an experience people don't usually forget and want to come back to.

Ø  It's Simple

You don't need to spend a lot of time, effort, or money on vlogging. You can do it by picking up your smartphone. Don't try to make a perfect video on the first attempt. Instead, learn, seek the feedback of customers and improve. Go Live on social media platforms like Facebook to reach more audiences at once.

Ø  It's Free

All you need to start vlogging is a smartphone, and you probably own one. So, if you are an entrepreneur who is short on funds, you can start vlogging without spending a penny. When you start making money, you can improvise the quality of your vlogs by investing in equipment like a better camera, microphone, or equipment.

Ø  Better Search Engine Results

Vlogging can help you to boost your search engine rankings. Search engines will love your brand if it has more video content. Customers prefer watching content rather than reading about it. Try to make the videos informational or learning-oriented to make them more search engine friendly.

Final Words

Creating vlogs is not difficult at all. You need a smartphone to get things going. In addition to video blogs or vlogs, you can also dabble in video interviews, video presentations, tutorial videos, product demo videos, product review videos, recordings of live streams, video testimonials, and video ads. They are all helpful and will assist you in boosting the sales numbers.



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