The World’s Best Countries to Live in for 2022

Did you know there are over 56.8 million expatriates across the globe? Are you aware that there has been a compound annual growth rate of 4.7 percent over the last five years? A study recently mentioned that 71% of ex-pats are individual workers and 8% are international students. The rest are corporate transferees, retired ex-pats, and other ex-pat groups.

According to data, these are the Best Countries for Ex-pats in 2022

1.       Canada

2.       United Arab Emirates

3.       Taiwan

4.       Mexico

5.       Vietnam

6.       Portugal

7.       Malaysia

8.       Thailand

9.       Costa Rica

10.   Ecuador

What 2021 Best Countries Rankings Say?

The best countries rankings of 2021 formed in partnership with Wharton School of the University in Pennsylvania and BAV Group were based on a critical study. This study surveyed over 17,000 global citizens who belonged to four regions and 78 nations. It accessed the perceptions on 76 metrics.

The quality of life was a vital sub-ranking as it had a 13.88% weight in the overall best countries ranking. It was based on an equally weighted average of scores from nine country attributes that are related to the quality of life in a country. The nine attributes were:

1.       Affordability

2.       Economic Stability

3.       Family Friendly Ambiance

4.       Job Market

5.       Political Stability

6.       Safety

7.       Health System

8.       Income Equality

9.       Public Education System

For the sixth year in a row, Canada has managed to take the top spot in the ranking overall. Quality of life was also a key factor. It ranked number one when it came to having a decent job market and got the second spot for being politically stable. It also got the 3rd spot for having a well-developed public education system and had the fourth-best developed public healthcare system. It is in the top 10 among nine out of 10 attributes. The only one it missed out on was affordability, where Asian countries have dominated.

Canada was the only North American nation in the top 5. Seven European nations followed after Canada. Australia and New Zealand also made it to the top 10 when it comes to the quality of life.

1.       Canada

2.       Denmark

3.       Sweden

4.       Norway

5.       Switzerland

6.       Australia

7.       The Netherlands

8.       Finland

9.       Germany

10.   New Zealand

Final Words

Almost every person dreams of living in a place where they can get excellent quality of life, decent housing, education, security, employment, technological advancements, culture, freedom of speech, and a clean environment. Cost of living and type of culture also come into the picture.

The best country to live in depends on personal choices, but these factors always matter. Canada has been doing well in the last few years and is expected to do well in the coming years.

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