Top 10 Gifts for Your Boss or Co-workers at Christmas for 2021

Christmas is the time for gifting. When shopping for gifts, you might want to buy something for your co-workers and boss. To help you make the right choice, we have collated a list of top 10 gifts for your boss or co-workers at Christmas for 2021.

1.       A Desk Nameplate

A simple but classic gift option is a desk nameplate. You can buy one here and ensure that it suits their personality and style.

2.       A Mini Cactus Desk Humidifier

If your office atmosphere is dry, you can gift a mini cactus desk humidifier to a colleague or boss. It will help keep their skin smooth and hydrated. Buy it here.

3.       Brussel Green Juniper Bonsai Tree

When buying a gift for an environment lover, you can also go for a Brussel Green Juniper Bonsai tree here.

4.       A Coffee Mug Warmer Mug Set

If your colleague or boss is a caffeine addict, they will probably like a coffee warmer mug set that you can purchase here.

5.       Official Breakfast Jar

A co-worker or boss who always has breakfast in the office would like an official breakfast jar for Christmas 2021. Buy one here.

6.       Reusable Lunch Bag

Speaking of food-related gifts, you can also give a reusable lunch bag as a gift to a food lover. Pick one here.

7.       Mini Desk Fan

A safe, quiet, and perfect fan can also be a great Christmas gift for the boss or co-workers. Buy one here to keep them cool when it’s too hot in the office.

8.       UV LED Sterilizer Stick

Sadly, two years have passed, and the COVID scare is still there. If you have an over-cautious boss or a co-worker, you can gift them a UV LED sterilizer stick that they can use to sanitize everything and help prevent the spread of infection. Buy one here.

9.       A Weatherproof Umbrella

Another stylish gift can be a weatherproof umbrella that can help protect your co-worker or boss in a windy or rainy season. It will make the trek from a train station or the parking lot dryer and safer. Get one here.

10.   2022 Daily Planner

Some people are quite obsessive when it comes to planning their days. If your co-worker or boss is also among those, you can invest in a 2022 daily planner and help them keep things organized and well-planned in 2022. Check out some options here.

Final Words

Offering a gift this Christmas should be more than just a formality. We all have seen some very tough times in the recent past, and now it’s time to spread the cheer. Pick one or more gifts from the list mentioned above for your colleagues or boss to make them smile.

Also, have a look at some other creative gift ideas here.

And yes, learn about gift packing here so that you don’t mess it up. These tips will help reduce waste and ensure that Canadians don’t produce 545,000 tons of waste from gift wrap and shopping bags in 2021 (which happens every year!)


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