What to Wear for a Magazine Interview?

Appearances matter. The way you look is important for whether you will be noticed or not. Appearance also matters a lot when you want to appear for a public interview. If you plan to appear for a magazine interview to promote your business and share something important, read on. Here are some tips on what to wear for a magazine interview.

Your Organization Matters

When it comes to getting ready for an interview, you need to remember that context is important. For instance, if you are an intrapreneur and just have a start-up, you must remember that you can go for the business casual look. In contrast, if you represent a large organization, you Might want to go for a complete business formal look.

Make Way for Lapel Mic and Battery Packs

when dressing for a magazine interview, you need to remember that they might want to record the interview videos. If so, you need to wear clothes with room for a lapel mic and battery packs. For lapel mic, you can go for shirts with a lapel. For battery packs, you might want to wear clothes that have pockets or at least a belt.

Do's and Don'ts of What to Wear for a Magazine Interview


·       Do wear colors that suit your skin tone.

·       Do pick clothes that are nicely fitted, wrinkle-free, and nicely pressed.

·       Do choose blues, greys, browns, magentas when picking your clothes. You can go with pastels as well.

·       Do replace your bright white shirt with off-white dress shirts.

·       Do wear a dark navy suit if you are a man.

·       Do consider a sheath-fitted dress if you are a woman.

·       Do wear knee-high socks to avoid skin show if you are a woman wearing a skirt.

·       Do bring an alternate outfit just in case.


·       Don't wear all busy and repeating patterns like stripes or small checks as they might vibrate on camera.

·       Don't wear clothes in bright green color as they will give your skin a not-so-decent pallor.

·       Don't wear loose billowy or wrinkled clothes as they might make you look frumpy.

·       Don't wear bright red color in excess as it might bleed on camera.

·       Don't pick scars and turtlenecks, as they might rub on your microphone or even muffle your audio.

·       Don't wear bright white undershirts as they might show through your shirt.

·       Don't wear light-colored t-shirt style shirts as you might not be able to hide the microphone.

·       Don't wear excessive jewelry, especially jewelry that can jangle noisily or might clear in the lights.

Final Words

In addition to following these do and don'ts, you also need to remember that confidence is the key during an interview. You need to be smart with what you share and how much to share. Do not over-share, as you might end up sharing something with the magazine that's meant to be confidential. Also, try to emphasize the points you want the audience to know. If you feel nervous before an interview, here are a few tips that might help.




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