COVID Cases in Toronto Schools

After a break from offline schools, kids are getting back to school. Parents are still worried about the Omicron variant, but they often don't have a choice but to send their kids to school. If you are also worried, read about COVID cases in Toronto schools below.

Lack of Reporting

Since December 30, the province stopped sharing COVID cases data in Toronto schools. Even the school boards are not reporting the cases on their websites. The data on outbreaks is also not available now. However, if there are confirmed cases of COVID in a school, people who are directly impacted are being informed of it.

Vaccination Rules

The federal government recommends that there be an eight-week gap between vaccination of kids. However, they can reduce the time to just three weeks between two shots if parents want. At this point, the gap is about six weeks.

Measures Taken

The province will share data on rates of absence from next week, no matter whether they are COVID-related or not. Also, the public health units will need to notify families if 30% of a school, students, and staff are absent. They will not need to confirm if the absences are due to COVID or not. Many schools have said they will share COVID data with families if staff or students are willing to share it.

The Change

Students were expected to return to classrooms at the beginning of the month, but the plans were changed due to the rising cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. It strained the labor force and the health system of the province.

Only last week, the government announced that students can return to schools from Monday, but those plans were also impacted.

Another Hurdle

When the students were planning to return to school on Monday, the students' plans of six Toronto Secondary schools had to be changed. The schools had to be closed for in-person learning for three days due to the snow. A contractor who was hired to remove the snow from these properties failed to do his job, stated the Toronto District School Board.

Students who were hoping to get back to the classroom after two weeks of remote learning had mixed reactions to the news. The winter storm that happened on Monday was good news for some and bad for others.

In a message posted on Twitter, the TDSB said that the delay in alerting parents was because it only learned of the issue when staff arrived at schools on Wednesday morning. TDSB wrote, "We apologize and are working with the contractors to get this resolved immediately."

In addition to the senior secondary schools, some elementary schools were partially plowed ahead of classes, but those schools were kept open.

If you are a concerned parent who wants to know about the schools that were impacted due to COVID, you can check the entire list of schools that were impacted by COVID-19 here.

Read about Toronto’s COVID-19 guidelines here.





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