How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make?

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for influencers who want to make money, gain fame, and build a career out of it. If you want to become an influencer or hire one as part of your digital marketing methods, you might wonder how much Instagram influencers make. We have tried to find the answer in this post.

How It Works?

The influencers of Instagram rely on sponsored content to make a living. Instagram doesn’t offer a comparable payment system like YouTube’s Partner Program yet. So, an influencer has to post a picture with the #ad or share swipe-up links in a series of stories to promote sponsored content. Thankfully, starting here is easy, and the demand for nano or micro-influencers (less than 100,000 followers) is growing, which makes things simpler for newbies too.

Factors Impacting Influencer Rates

Several factors impact the rates of an influencer. They are listed here.

1.       Social media platform- The social media platform you use to earn a reputation as an influencer.

2.       Number of Posts Required- The number of posts required by a brand and whether to include images, video, audio, etc.

3.       The Amount of Effort Needed- If you need to post different posts or post the same post multiple times.

4.       Reach- Your reach as an influencer and the number of followers you have. Generally, people with 1,000–10,000 followers are considered Nano-influencers, those with 10,000–50,000 followers are Micro-influencers, those with 50,000–500,000 followers are mid-tier influencers, those with 500,000–1,000,000 followers are macro-influencers, and those with over 1,000,000 followers are mega-influencers.

5.       Cross-Posting- Whether an ad will be cross-posted and where also impacts your rates as an influencer.

6.       Agency Fees- Influencers who get ads via an agency need to pay agency fees.

7.       Engagement Level- The engagement level of your followers also matters.

8.       Industry or Specialization- If you specialize in an industry, you can charge extra for your niche skills.

9.       Content Creation- If you create the content from scratch, you can charge a higher fee.

10.   Demand- The demand for your posts also impacts the rates. The higher the demand, the higher can be your rates.

How Much do Influencers Earn Per Post?

The amount you can earn as an influencer depends on the aforementioned factors. But to give you a general idea, Nano-influencers can make anywhere between $10–$100 per post, micro-influencers can make $100–$500 per post, mid-tier influencers can make $500–$5,000 per post, macro-influencers can make $5,000–$10,000 per post and mega-influencers can make $10,000+ per post while celebrities can make up to 1 million per post.

There are many Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculators a brand can use to determine how much an influencer would charge.

Types of Influencer Partnerships

When hiring an influencer, a brand can choose from different partnerships that vary from Shoutouts to Giveaways, Platform Takeovers to Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Content to Product Seeding or Gifts, or even hiring an influencer as a Brand Ambassador.

Need more? Here’s how to become an Instagram influencer, and here’s important info on influencer marketing.














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