How to Maintain Your Car Through the Winter

Taking care of your car during the winter months is essential because your car might be impacted when the snow falls. Here are the top 10 tips to take care of your car so it's winter-ready and its performance is not impacted throughout the frigid winter months.

1.       Buy Winter Tires

The first thing you need to do is install winter tires on your car. It will keep you safe on the icy roads and allow you to enhance your driving performance even in colder months. Check the tires regularly to ensure they are inflated and have a good tread.

2.       Wash the Car Regularly

If your car becomes an accumulating space for slush, ice, sand, salt, and snow, you need to wash your car. Get a good wash and wax before the build-up starts. It will help avoid rust. Monitor the area around the front grille and tires to check for build-up.

3.       Check the Oil

It would help if you also ensured that the oil level isn't too low and the oil has the right consistency. Check the vehicle owner's manual to know which oil you are using to get the right performance from the vehicle.

4.       Check the Windshield Wipers

It is also wise to check the windshield wipers to perform well in low temperatures and low visibility conditions. Fill them with windshield wiper fluid to get optimal performance.

5.       Inspect the Heaters

You also need to ensure that you check the heaters of your car regularly is that you don't have to drive when you are cold. It is also wise to check the defrosting mechanism on the windshield to have a clear view of the road and not an icy one.

6.       Antifreeze for the Radiator

To avoid freezing the liquid in the radiator, you need to use antifreeze. It will help avoid build-up, leading to build-up or worse, leaks or transmission failure. Check the radiator and antifreeze regularly to ensure that you don't run into such problems.

7.       Use an Emergency Kit

Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle so that you don't suffer if you get stuck away from home, and the vehicle breaks down, or the doors are stuck, and you cannot get out. The emergency kit should include essentials like a shovel, sand, salt, water, non-perishable food products, blanket jumper cables, and a flashlight, among others.

8.       Check the Battery

Before the winter months, you also need to check the vehicle's battery and keep it fully charged and in excellent condition. If you have a dead battery, you might get stuck in an unpleasant situation. So, it's better to check it every few days in the winter months.

9.       Keep Some Fuel

It is also recommended that you keep at least half a tank of fuel with you so that if you get stuck in the snow with an empty tank, you can rescue yourself instead of waiting to be rescued by someone else.



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