How to Start a Podcast- Essential Steps You Cannot Miss

Starting a podcast seems to be a trend these days. Everyone seems to be creating one. If you are also curious about starting a podcast, these essential steps might help you.

Ø  Set an Aim

The first step is to decide why you want to make a podcast and who it is for. For instance, you can create a podcast on playing guitar, and the target audience can be people who love guitars. After that, you need to give them a reason to listen to you by ensuring that they get to learn something they didn’t know and ensuring that you give them what’s not already on the internet. Mention that in the summary of the podcast.

Ø  Decide a Name

After you have an idea of what to create and for whom to create a podcast, the next step is to decide on a name for the podcast that’s clever, appealing, and relevant at the same time.

Ø  Choose Length

Most experts agree that a podcast length should be between 20-45 minutes, but you can choose your podcast length depending on the content. Don’t stretch it too much or make everything go by quickly.

Ø  Create Content

After you have decided on the above, focus on creating quality and engaging content that your listeners will like. Make sure the content is original and the content delivery is perfect.

Ø  Frequency Matters

When creating podcasts, you also need to decide how often you will release the podcasts. Once a month is good or even once every two weeks is also okay. Just make sure you are consistent. If you want, you can also release the podcasts in seasons, just like a Netflix TV Series.

Ø  Pick a Format

The next step is to pick a format for your podcast. You can go for a solo show, a co-hosted show, or even an interview show. Other options include roundtable, docu-drama, and documentaries.

Ø  The Recording

After you have decided on the basics, you need to record the podcast. You can record it with a computer that comes with a USB microphone and internet access.

Ø  Editing

When you are done recording the podcast, you should edit it or get it done by a professional. You can also do it yourself by using a free option like Audacity or a pro-level tool like Adobe Audition. If you are a newbie, you can go for Alitu as well.

Ø  Add the Music

Before you finalize the podcast, do consider adding free music to your podcast. You don’t need to add it throughout the podcast, but adding it at the beginning and the end can be smart.

Ø  Publishing

Choose the right cover art for your podcast to ensure that your podcast looks attractive. Get it custom designed by a freelancer, or design it yourself if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Ø  Select a Hosting Provider

Choose one of the best hosting providers to host your podcasts. A few options are:

·       Buzzsprout

·       Captivate

·       Transistor

·       Castos


·       Podbean

·       Resonate 

Ø  Additional Steps

After creating the podcasts, you can also promote them by creating a website and making it visible by getting transcriptions, creating show notes, and embedding every episode.



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