The Most Promising Startups Of 2022

Another year has come and gone, and we are still dealing with the pandemic and worrying about the new variants. In these tough times, one of the rays of hope is that innovativeness is valued. So, there are a lot of promising startups coming up regularly. If this topic excites you, read about the most promising startups of 2022.

1.       FinMark

It’s a financial tool that businesses can use to manage their finances. What’s best about this tool is that it’s ideal for people who can’t manage a business with simple spreadsheets and don’t want to learn financial modeling. The pricing is based on the users’ revenue.

2.       SoLo Funds

This startup allows people (like you and me) to use their unused capital to help the less fortunate. SoLo acts as an intermediary and ensures that everyone sticks to the terms. Think of it as Airbnb for money.

3.       Grifin

To help make investments easy for newbies, this startup seems to be working hard. Whenever a person spends money at a business, let’s say, buys a coffee at Starbucks, a dollar of their money will go into Starbucks stocks. You don’t even have to pay a monthly fee.

4.       re:3D

The demand for 3D printing is rising, and this startup wants to make it more accessible. They are selling products like a Gigabot printer that costs 1/10th of the costs of an industrial printer.

5.       Xandar Kardian

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, this startup offers presence detection and foot traffic monitoring solutions for smart buildings.

6.       Jeenie

Aimed to help people communicate on the fly in different languages, this startup lets you find certified translators who speak multiple languages and can be summoned instantly with an app.

7.       Securicy

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Sydney, Canada, Securicy helps businesses comply with data protection laws and avoid fines/legal actions.

8.       Onward Delivery

Businesses that want to save costs of deliveries can turn to this startup as it matches deliveries with empty space on existing trucks to optimize every delivery route and save money.

9.       Fellow

To help businesses enhance their meeting management, this Ottawa-based startup has built an app. The app can help with internal meetings like appraisals, 1-1s, and management meetings and boost organizational efficiency.

10.   Secoda

This startup helps businesses boost team efficiencies by quickly and effectively sharing metadata, questions, data charts, documentation, etc.

11.   Gadget

Businesses that want to develop applications rapidly can trust this startup. In addition to providing a developer support platform, the company also handles the busy work while the clients get the time to code the business logic.

12.   Snappy

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you can use this company’s technology to manage everything from ordering and fulfillment and mobile app and website development to even analytics tools

13.   Shakepay

Founded by Jean Amiouny and Roy Breidi, this startup offers a fintech app that lets users sell and buy bitcoin quickly. It also lets a user pay friends or take payments from them.

14.   Codex

Founded in 2021, this Canadian startup offers development tools to provide just-in-time documentation, which makes deep collaboration easy and improves efficiency to boost the bottom line of a business further.

15.   Nomic

By using DNA-specific nanotechnology, this startup is helping with the understanding, detection, and treatment of various diseases.


All the startups listed here are meeting customer expectations, helping them to solve problems, and letting them go further.

If these startups have inspired you to start your own business, then do check out this article. To know more about the startup scene in Canada, click here.







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