Well Paying Skills That Can Be Learned Online

Are you looking to learn new skills online? Do you want to restart your career or enhance your worth in a corporate? If so. You would like this list of well-paying skills that can be learned online. After learning these skills, you can work as a freelancer or a part of any organization. Keep scrolling to read them all.

1. iOS App Developer

If you want to make a six-figure salary quickly, you can learn iOS development. You can then build your own iPad and iPhone apps and make good money. You can learn this skill at the University of Toronto's 4-part iOS App Development with Swift Specialization in just six months.

2. Android App Developer

Another skill you can learn is to be an Android app developer. With this skill, you can develop apps that are compatible with the latest version of Android. Learn this skill in just four months with Vanderbilt University's 4-part Android App Development Specialization.

3. Web Developer

Another lucrative skill that is in demand is web development. While going for it, you need to learn the latest languages like Gatsby.js, SwiftUI, React, and Next.js. University of Michigan's Web Design for Everybody course is good for newbies.

4. Content Marketer

If you have a writing talent, you can become a professional content marketer and create content that generates good ROI for businesses. Start your website and then use it as a portfolio when applying to jobs. Northwestern University's Content Strategy for Professionals is a course you can look at.

5. Online Advertising Professional

You can also make money by learning how to make the most of online advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. University of Colorado Boulder's Digital Advertising Strategy Specialization is worth a look.

6. Cybersecurity Professional

If you learn this skill, your core aim would be to protect the confidential data of corporations, institutions, and even governments from hackers. Consider University of Colorado's Cloud Computing Security for Amazon's AWS cloud computing platform or Security in Google Cloud Platform Specialization for Google Cloud to learn these skills. You can also pick IBM's IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity Specialization.

7. Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you will need to learn about data processing, exploration, and visualization. You will also need to learn about advanced machine learning and deep learning. IBM's new Introduction to Data Science Specialization and their Advanced Data Science with IBM Specialization program is recommended to learn this skill. Read this article for more on Data Scientists.

8. Resume Writer

You can also build resumes/cover letters and earn a good living. You need some training and must have a way with words. Writing Resumes and Cover Letters section of LinkedIn Learning is sufficient to learn this skill.

9. Ethical Hacking Professional

Ethical hacking means legally breaking into computers and other devices to ensure that a company's or institutions' website is safe from vulnerabilities. This skill is high in demand and lets you work as a freelancer or part of an organization. Read more about ethical hacking for business here.





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