Best Investment Opportunities in Asia

Investing your money wisely doesn't mean you have to be restricted to investing in one city or country only. If you can afford the risk and want better ROIs, you should invest in other countries or cities, even those in another continent, to maximize your investment growth potential. Asia is a rapidly growing continent with tons of investment opportunities. To help you get started, here we have mentioned the cities and countries you can invest in and even mentioned the kinds of investments that are most suitable.

1.       Bangkok

One of the most visited cities globally, Bangkok surpasses London and Paris when it comes to its annual tourist arrivals. This city is a perfect liquid choice in Southeast Asia to invest your money. It has ample realtors and has a fresh flow of foreign buyers. When you invest in property here, you also get a stake in the currency your asset is denominated in, and Baht is a strong currency to store your wealth in.

2.       Kuala Lumpur

This city has the region's most open and competitively-priced real estate market. Anyone, including foreigners, can own freehold houses in Malaysia and get a long-term visa as part of the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program. It is the top third richest nation in Asia and offers value for money in property deals.

3.       Phnom Penh

When you think of the fastest-growing Asian cities, you can't miss Cambodia's capital. It has a healthy birth rate, strong urbanization, and many growth drivers that push the prices of properties in an upward direction. It is also an attractive tourist attraction. You can buy real estate for less than US$1,000 per square meter easily and expect decent appreciation and yields.

4.       Manila

With more than 25 million people living in the metro areas of Manila, it is one of the biggest cities on the entire planet. It is expected to grow larger with up to 35 million inhabitants by 2050. It might even become a Tokyo of the 21st century. Now is the right time if you want to invest here and see your investment grow. You can buy your freehold condominium units in the Philippines as a non-local easily.

5.       Seoul

Seoul is an East Asian city with several foreign-buyer-friendly laws that make it a good addition to this list. It has solid demographics and allows foreigners to own land and houses on a freehold basis. Property here will give you a strong appreciation over the long term as it's a fully developed city. People who need wealth preservation can buy real estate in Seoul as you will get a good blend of growth and safety.

Asian Countries Worthy of Investment

1.       Vietnam

2.       Indonesia

3.       Malaysia

4.       Thailand

5.       Singapore

Investment Options

If real estate is not your preferred investment method, you can also invest in Asia's Stock Exchange, Bank products or choose Angel Investing. You are also free to set up a business in Asia or open a branch of your existing business here. Just be sure you analyze the legal policies and regulations. You can also contact a local third-party investment firm to help invest on your behalf. Good luck with your search!







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