Business Grants available in the UK in 2022

One of the smartest things a business owner can do when they want to add an influx of cash to their business is to seek business grants. They are better than business loans as you don't need to pay back the money (or the interest amount). They might have some conditions attached, but those conditions are simple to follow in most cases. In most cases, grants are publicly funded schemes that are offered to businesses by a charitable organization, a trust, or a government body. Here you can know about business grants available in the UK in 2022

Types of Business Grants in the UK

There are many types of business grants available in the UK. They are:

·       Direct grants- They are usually cash payments and involve fund matching.

·       Resource and training grants- These help you to invest in skills or get access to resources to initiate a project.

·       Innovation vouchers- These cover the costs of hiring an external expert or a consultant.

·       Local business support – Local authorities offer these to support local businesses.

·       Business support networks - Sometimes, other business owners – or retired business owners can offer help regarding best practices.

·       Business support helplines - You can get advice and financial help for your business from several government-backed schemes. Read more here.

Tax Relief Options

National Insurance relief, Business rates relief, Employment Allowance, and Corporation Tax relief are some of the options for businesses in the UK.

Where can I Find Small Business Grants in the UK?

Small business grants in England

If you live in England, you can take the help of 38 regional hubs, details of which can be found on the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) Network website. These can provide funding and offer advice to help boost your business.

Small Business Grants in Scotland

Scottish Enterprise can offer you a business grant if you meet the eligibility criteria. You can also get a grant from the Highlands and Islands Enterprise or local councils. The Scottish Government's funding advice page is really helpful.

Small Business Grants in Wales

A Finance Locator on the Business Wales website can help you look for grants your business might be eligible for. Even the Welsh Government, the UK government, local authorities, and charitable organizations might be willing to give you a grant.

Small Business Grants in Northern Ireland

Business owners based in Northern Ireland can visit to learn more about different grant options. One of the options worth considering is Invest NI Innovation Vouchers.

Get an Extensive List Here

If you are looking for an extensive list of business grants available in the UK in 2022, you can find over 200 options here.

Words of Advice

When you find an eligible grant, please don't take it lightly. Fill out the required forms correctly and follow all the steps in the application process. Be ready to answer the grant provider's questions and be honest about it all. They will spot a scammer easily and might bar them from ever applying for a grant again!


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