Can Writing a Book Help Build Your Business?

Businesspeople are always looking for new ways to grow their businesses. With the intense competition of today’s world and the social media frenzy, a business might get lost in the crowd. One of the most innovative things that can help a business stand apart, get noticed, and grow is writing a book. The answer to can writing a book help build your business is yes. Here we highlight the benefits of authoring a book and getting started.

1.       Better Visibility

Books can help boost brand visibility in several ways. For instance, they can help you get plenty of media exposure, or they can raise your profile in your niche and build more trust.

2.       Establish Authority

When you author a book in a specific niche or on a specific topic, they help you establish authority and gain credibility within your field.

3.       New Opportunities/ Clients

Books can also help generate new business opportunities and get more clients as your network grows and people want to connect with your business.

4.       Paid Speaking Opportunities

If your book is a success, you will likely have plenty of opportunities that allow you to become a paid speaker. You can also establish yourself as a public speaking authority.

5.       Builds Legacy

A book can also help cement your legacy as your knowledge or story will likely be passed from one generation to the next. Authors might die, but their books live on.

6.       Creates an Impact

If your book is good and helpful, it can positively impact thousands of lives. It can also motivate people to do better and succeed in life.

7.       Enhancement of Business Value

Business leaders who have authored books are often considered of more value than business leaders who haven’t authored a book. Harsh, but true.

8.       Profits Rise

If you turn out to be an excellent author, you can use writing books not as a hobby but as a source of income. You can author new books and build a source of revenue.

How to Write a Book?

Though authoring a book is a long and complicated process, we have simplified it in a few simple steps. Have a look:

Ø  Start with an Idea

It would help if you began with deciding the idea behind your book. The idea should be unique and should not be repeated. The end goal should always be to make a reader pick your book, among many others.

Ø  Pick a Title

The next step is to pick an appealing title that helps the book to catch everyone’s eye and make them curious enough to pick it from a shelf.

Ø  Decide on Table of Contents

After you have a title nailed down, you should brainstorm to create a table of contents.

Ø  Ask Important Questions

Before you start authoring the book, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Examples of such questions include – will your book have photographs? Will your book be available in multiple formats? How long would it be? etc.

Ø  Set Time Aside

If you are serious about authoring a book, set some time (preferably 1-3 hours every day) to draft the book. It would help if you did not focus on anything else during this time.

Ø  Keep Going

Once you have started authoring the book, you should maintain the flow and not worry about small issues like typos or grammar. Keep going till you finish the book.

Ø  Get it Edited

After the book is complete, you should show it to an editor to make sure it sounds and reads right.

Ø  Seek Feedback

Seek feedback from the people you trust to give you an honest opinion and correct the books’ content.

Ø  Publish

If you are satisfied that the book is looking good, get it published, share the news of its completion with everyone in your network, and promote it whenever and wherever you can to ensure people buy it!



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