The Best Businesses for Kids to Start

Kids and teens have been taking up summer jobs to earn extra bucks and learn new skills for decades. But now, this trend is changing as most kids want to work for themselves. Examples like Elon Musk building and selling a space-themed video game Blastar at 12 and many other famous personalities inspire kids who want to become entrepreneurs. If your kid also has the same thought process, read on. Here we have mentioned some of the best businesses for kids to start.

1.       Social Media Marketing

If your kid spends a lot of time on social media, motivate them to work as a social media marketer for companies and individuals. They can earn very well if they are good at it.

2.       Craft Facemasks

As facemasks have become a key part of our lives, your kid can sew some, paint them and sell them off to earn good money.

3.       Earning through YouTube

Your kid can also do YouTube reviews and unbox the latest tech gadgets, toys, and other stuff suited to their age.

4.       Babysitting

As parents are now safely returning to offices, most parents need a babysitter they can trust. Your teen can take up this easy job and follow the instructions to earn decent money.

5.       Lemonade Stand

On hot days, people can barely resist an iced drink like lemonade. Your kid can turn this desire into a business opportunity and start a lemonade stand.

6.       Tutor

If your kid is intelligent and academically strong, they can also tutor other kids to earn a decent amount of money. They can visit other kids or invite them to your home for the classes.

7.       Dog Care

Taking care of dogs presents a decent earning opportunity too. If your kid loves dogs and likes spending time with them, they can take up jobs like dog walker, dog trainer, dog poop cleaner, etc. Just make sure they stay safe.

8.       Create Accessories

If your kid is more creatively gifted, they can create and sell accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair scrunchies, bandanas, etc., using DIY videos and craft supplies.

9.       Flipping Sneakers

Kids who are sneakerheads can earn a decent amount by flipping sneakers. The rarer a sneaker, the higher is the earning potential.

10.   Acting

Most of the kids love to act. If your kid has an actual talent for acting, they can take up a job as an actor, a voiceover artist, or even stand-in for another actor.

11.   Online Surveys

Kids of certain ages can also earn a decent amount by filling out online surveys or watching advertisements. If your kid spares a few hours each day, they can earn pretty well.

12.   Sell Food

If your kid is talented in the kitchen, they can sell food or baked goods in the neighborhood. If it’s a success, they can expand to other regions and offer deliveries.

13.   Bike Advertising

Most kids like bikes and can ride for hours. If your kid is like that, they can choose bike advertising to promote certain brands on the back of their bike.


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