The Best Smartwatches for Kids in 2022

After the tremendous success of smartwatches for adults, the tech companies have found success with kids’ smartwatches. It’s a gadget that suits kids of all ages and is specifically designed with people of younger age groups in mind. As they are loaded with apps and games, your kid will be entertained. They also help your kid be more active and stay safe, as you can usually track them via GPS. As there are so many smartwatches from so many brands out there, we have created a compact list of the best smartwatches for kids in 2022. Have a look.

1.       FITBIT ACE 3

Considered one of the best smartwatches for kids, this one is great for fitness tracking and style. It’s water-resistant and has a battery life of 8 days. It also has a soft and super durable strap and a responsive touchscreen. It can make exercise and healthy habits fun!


If your kid doesn’t have a smartphone, you can buy them this watch as it enables them to make calls. It also has animated characters (interactive Disney characters), activity tracking, and even a camera. It’s water-resistant too and has a battery life of up to 24 hours. It also has a GPS and other safety features.

3.       FITBIT ACE 2

This watch offers a lot with a battery life of 5 days and a great durable design. It is also loaded with Animated faces and challenges and is water-resistant.


Parents who have small kids and want to monitor them all the time can go for this watch. It’s also water-resistant, has a very long battery life, and is a cute Disney/Marvel-themed watch with activity trackers and loads of features.


If your child likes LOL Surprise dolls, they will love this watch for sure. The colorful designs and super long battery life make it a good option. It also has a selfie camera for capturing pics and recording videos. The smartwatch is touchscreen and has cool additions like a pedometer, a voice recorder, an alarm, a calculator, six built-in games, and a stopwatch.


A funky smartwatch that gives every parent peace of mind is a good option for you if GPS tracking is essential for you. It can also make calls, send messages, and even set up danger zones. It has a battery life of 8 days and is water-resistant.

7.       FITBIT ACE

You can consider this option when seeking a budget-friendly smartwatch for slightly older kids who want it all. It has fitness tracker features, a long battery life, and water resistance. It also syncs with iOS and Android and is quite affordable.

Other Options to Consider

In addition to the top 7 recommendations, here are a few smartwatches for kids that you need to consider:

·       Best Overall- TickTalk 4

·       Best for Budget- Verizon GizmoWatch 2

·       Best for Younger Kids- Little Tikes Tobi Robot

·       Best for Active Play- Xplora X5 Play

·       Best for SOS Calls -Angel Watch


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