Best Tax Software for International or US Business Owners

US citizens or resident aliens living abroad generally need to file a US tax return. If numbers deceive you or you are not familiar with them, you can take the help of an accountant. If you want to avoid that expense and hassle, you can also take the help of tax software to make things less complicated.

1.       TaxAct

This software is the right option for people seeking feature-rich software at a reasonable price. It offers three plans that are good for expats with different tax needs. You can also use this software and file your taxes for free via their cloud-based program online. This software offers a $100,000 accuracy guarantee that ensures its calculations are correct.

2.       H&R Block Expat Tax Services

If you are a self-employed expatriate, you can file Schedule C and Schedule K-1 and two other commonly required tax forms, 1116 and 2555, on your own with the help of this software. This software can also file Form 114 (the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) for you for a small fee. It’s completely online and cloud-based too.

3.       MyExpatTaxes

Business owners favor this software as it offers different plans. All plans include Form 114 filing and basic tax forms. If you need help from a certified tax professional, you can choose one of the two higher-cost plans. Business owners with the most complicated taxes prefer this software.

4.       TaxAct IRS Free File Edition

When seeking a free option, expats can choose this software. It allows you to file state and federal taxes for free if you meet the IRS qualification. It also offers access to the most common tax forms most expats need. This software is well-suited for expats whose adjusted gross income is less than $72,000.

5.       Avalara

With over 30,000 customers in 95 nations, this software is definitely worth consideration. It provides SaaS solutions for small, midsize, and enterprise organizations. You can explore scalable solutions to help with sales tax returns, registrations, and calculations. It is ideal for preparing and filing sales tax returns with just a few clicks. It also helps you enhance accuracy with regularly updated address-specific tax rates. Their products are available as a suite or as stand-alone options so that you can customize them based on your business needs.

6.       EasyTax

Last on this list but still worthy of your attention, this software allows financial institutions to calculate report and book taxes for many different jurisdictions. Their standard software enables banks to produce country-specific off-shore tax reports to provide their off-shore clients with a service to ease the burden of their tax filing duties and support private clients with their tax statement submissions. It also helps investors that focus on newer asset classes such as crypto.

EasyTax is standard software that offers high performance. The use of one interface, one system, and one process reduces operating and maintenance costs. Working with a single tax reporting platform that includes all tax logics will reduce operating costs. EasyTax currently offers Off-shore Reporting, On-shore Reporting and EasyTax simulation suite


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