Families Can Enjoy SpringFest TO with their Kids during this March Break

Do you want to plan an adventure with your family? Are you looking for an excuse to have some family fun? If so, you need to plan a visit to Springfest Fun Park. It is the ultimate March Break destination to have some family fun. As 90% of the park is indoors, you and your family can have fun without worrying about outside weather conditions. And yes, they do offer free parking. Read on to know more about how families can enjoy Springfest TO with their kids during this March Break.

Know Springfest Better

SpringFest provides Greater Toronto families with an indoor fun park with the latest in children's entertainment, games, and activities. It is back for the 17th year of quality family entertainment at the Markham Fairgrounds.

The indoor fun park has the entertainment to thrill the whole family with mechanical and inflatable rides, ALL NEW Dinosaur Exhibit, food vendors (Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fries and more), arts and crafts, and daily performances by The Dance Party Crew, Doo Doo the International Clown, The Birds of Prey, and roaming performances throughout the day by Trulee Odd. The more you explore, the more you will enjoy.

Things You Can't-Miss Out On

When exploring SpringFest TO, you can't miss the following:

Ø  Dinosaur Exhibit

Brand new to Springfest, guests of all ages will learn and enjoy these magnificent realistic, and life-size creatures that roamed the earth about 65 million years ago.

Ø  Bounce Entertainment Dance Party

It's party time all day long at SpringFest! Sing, dance & go crazy to everyone's favorite tunes at this interactive dance party. The Party crew will get the young and the young at heart on their feet!

Ø  Birds Of Prey

Birds of prey are one of nature's most awe-inspiring phenomena, and at SpringFest Fun Park, you will have plenty of chances to get up close and personal with Eagles, vultures, kites, and falcons.

Ø  Doo The International Clown

An unbelievable silly, funny Clown that loves doing magic, comedy, and strolling throughout the grounds. His comedy magic shows are unbelievably good. Meet him at SpringFestTO Fun Park

Ø  Trulee Odd

Trulee Odd has been entertaining families for many years. You will be able to catch his fiery performance throughout the day as you look up at him while he walks around SpringFestTO Fun Park on his stilts.

Ø  Unmissable Rides

When at SpringFestTO Fun Park, you simply can't miss these rides:

·       Fun Slide

·       Berry-Go-Round

·       Spinner

·       Sizzler

·       Teacups

·       Wacky Shack

·       Carousel

·       Ferris Wheel

·       Mini Pirate Ship

·       Dog Ride

·       Pacific Combo

·       Shark Escape

·       Mickey Playground

·       Jurassic Adventure

·       Farm Maze

Admission and Costs

Having fun at SpringFestTO Fun Park is amazingly affordable. The fee structure is as follows

·       Child Admission (Unlimited Rides included) for $25.00 + HST

·       Adult Admission (Unlimited Rides included) for $15.00 + HST

·       Family Pass (2 Adults and 2 Children w/Unlimited Rides) for $75.00 + HST

·       Free admission for all little munchkins who are 23 Months and under

·       All kids below 14 years are considered as children and just need to pay the Child Admission Fee

·       Special prices for group tickets!

Check out the latest happenings at SpringFestTO Fun Park on their Instagram page here or visit their website.





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