How Minecraft Is Helping Children with Autism Make New Friends

It is a fact that ASD affects over 74 million people, which is 1 percent of the world's population. As many on the spectrum struggle to talk to other people and understand their thoughts and emotions as their own, it makes things difficult for people with autism, especially kids. It often means that autistic kids cannot form lasting relationships with those around them. Thankfully, Minecraft is helping such kids.

Ø  Communicating is Simpler

Minecraft offers an environment where social interactions occur, and students learn to communicate and play within the well-defined game rules. Teachers and autism experts from all over the globe have reported that when kids work together in multiplayer mode, they decipher how to talk to each other, share ideas and say what they want others on their project to do.

Ø  Expressing is Easy

For those unaware, in Minecraft, a person can manipulate blocks or materials like stone and wood to build whatever they like. You can make anything from simple computers to recreations of entire cities. Autistic kids can express themselves, communicate within the game, and avoid the stresses associated with physical life.

Ø  Avoiding Real World's Pressures

Minecraft also allows autistic kids to be themselves and avoid pressures of the real world like noisy or unfamiliar environments, the pressure to track someone's facial expressions, or the expectation of maintaining eye contact.

Ø  Filters are Friendly

As a game, Minecraft filters and simplifies things to suit children with autism. Characters are fairly crude representations of people, and they don't have facial expressions or too much body language. Everything is communicated via character movements like giving away items, jumping around, or text. Sometimes, the text can be overwhelming for children with autism, but it is still a filtered version of human interaction, which makes socializing less stressful and more fun.

Ø  Adjusting the Sensory Intake

Minecraft also gives more control to children with autism as they can adjust their sensory intake according to their needs. They can adjust volume and brightness as per their liking. They can also change the sensory intake by moving the characters around. For instance, a child with autism can bury their character underground to ensure the screen goes dark and get a small visual sensory break.

Ø  Unleashing Imagination

Children with autism can use Minecraft to unleash their imaginations. They can make buildings that look like giant pink ponies, or they can make statues of people the size of buildings. Sometimes, children with autism work with other players to complete their building goals, and sometimes they work alone. Some even find joy in leading a team to build something spectacular. To each their own

Final Words

There is no doubt that Minecraft is really a boon for children with autism as it allows them to enjoy the deeper engagement and ensures deeper learning. It also helps them form bonds at their own pace and get better control over what they do and when while letting them avoid the pressures of the real world.


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