How to Use Google Maps to Make an Itinerary for Your Vacation

Most of us think Google maps are there to help us get from point A to point B. It’s so much more than that! One of the smartest ways to use Google Maps is to travel smarter. Here we have shared some simple tips on using Google maps to make an itinerary for your vacation. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below, and you are good to go!

Step 1

Go to Google maps on your phone

Step 2

Click on the Menu located Ion the top left button and click Your Places. Then go to Maps on the 4th tab and click on Create Map

Step 3

Search the destination on the search bar and click on Add to Map located on the bottom left of the pop-up on the map.

When you do that, the destination you selected will go to an Untitled layer on the left side. That’s it. You are done!

Helpful Features You Can Try

If you want to make things easier, you can also use the following features:

·       Add descriptions of all the landmarks you have bookmarked.

·       View the list and descriptions of the destinations in a spreadsheet.

·       Color code the pins according to the categories you prefer.

·       Know the directions from one point to another.

·       Delete the pins you no longer need

·       Share the map with your friends who are traveling with you

·       Print the map and have it with you all the time.

How to use Google Maps to Make an Itinerary for Your Vacation via a Computer?

·       Go to the Google Maps app website

·       Find one location and start getting directions for it.

·       Look underneath the menu, which allows you to pick the starting and ending location and click on it to add destination

·       When you do that, a new field will appear. Here you can enter the third waypoint.

·       After adding one waypoint, you can click add destination once again, pick another destination, and reorder all the destinations you have in mind.

·       Whether you are using the website on a computer or the mobile app, you can add up to 9 destinations in a go.

Top Reasons to Plan Your Trip with Google Maps

·       Better Visualization

When you plan a trip with Google Maps, you will visualize where you are going. Seeing the destinations visually on a map will help you plan a trip more efficiently and simplify it.

·       You Will be More Time-Efficient

Planning a trip with Google Maps will also allow you to be more time efficient. For instance, you can pick a hotel near the place where all the activities in the new destination are. It will help you save commuting time.

·       No Unwanted Surprises

When you have a planned trip with the help of Google Maps, you will know where you are going and how in a better manner. So, there will be no unwanted surprises.

·       Your Trip Will be More Fulfilling

Planning with Google Maps will allow you to know how much time you need to travel from one destination to another. If you are planning to visit multiple locations in one trip, you will be able to decide how many days you need to cover it all.

·       Access to Useful Information

Google Maps allow you to access useful information like where the nearest restaurant is or where the next gas station is. It helps you save time you would have spent searching for the information on another Google tab.

·       You Remain in Control

When you use Google Maps to plan your trips, you can customize them extensively. You can share your itinerary with your friends, family, or other people you prefer. You can also use it seamlessly between different devices.


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