Pinterest Marketing: How Pinterest Can Help Your Business

If you use Pinterest to plan your next dream vacation or find new recipes, you should know that Pinterest can also be used for other purposes, like marketing your business or establishing your brand. This platform offers a unique way to market a business as a visual search engine. It can help expose your brand to new customers. Here’s more on Pinterest Marketing: How Pinterest can help your business.

Ø  Create a Strategy

Whether you are planning to promote your business on Pinterest or any other platform, you should create a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and is achievable. For some businesses, the goal could be more brand exposure, and for others, the goal could be targeting international customers.

Ø  Consider Different Pin Formats

It is smart to try different pin formats to keep your audience intrigued and guessing what’s next. For instance, one day, you can pin a video that encourages the audience to shop at your online website, and the other day, you can add many images to a pin and create a carousel.

Ø  Remember SEO

The core aim of Pinterest marketing is usually to be more visible online. So, you should ensure you include keywords in the descriptions of your pins. You can also add keywords to hashtags or on boards. Also, focus on Rich Pins that pin new content from your business website.

Ø  Link Your Pinterest Profile

It would help if you always linked your Pinterest profile with other platforms so that your loyal followers can know you are active on Pinterest. Include a Pinterest link in your email signature and even share the news of the Pinterest profile in a company newsletter.

Ø  Be Consistent

To keep your audience engaged, you need to pin something every day. It’s better than creating a board. Use different tools to pin daily if you can’t do it manually. Tools like HootSuite might be worth consideration.

Ø  Create a Content Strategy

Create a content strategy that’s based on the AIDA formula. AIDA stands for awareness, interest, desire, and action. Read more about it here.

Ø  Target the Right Audience by Using Ads

You can also target a specific target audience with the help of Pinterest Ads. You can filter the target audience based on location, age, interests, or keywords.

Ø  Revise the Pins

If you have been adding pins for a while, you can revise them and use them as fresh content. This works for under-performing pins and high-performing pins. The former needs more clicks while the latter need to maintain clicks.

Ø  Always Create Perfect Pins

Last but not least, you should always create perfect pins for your business. Make sure your pins are vertical and have a 2:3 aspect ratio. Always add a description of your pins that describes what is shown in the visuals and motivates people to click on for more. Give an attractive title and again ask people to click for more. Put your business logo on the visuals to ensure the pins reflect your branding. Add a website or blog link too.





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