Canada May Have Hit Its Long-Awaited Electric Vehicle Turning Point

The rising gasoline prices, the steady increase in carbon prices, and the request by European powers to use fewer Fossil Fuels to show solidarity with Ukraine amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, better and cheaper electric vehicles are a few factors that might mean that Canada may have hit its long-awaited electric vehicle turning point.

Nino di Cara, the founder of Canadian media start-up Electric Autonomy believes that the only missing piece of the puzzle is that automotive manufacturers and dealerships haven't been stocking and selling enough E.V.s. Di Cara said, "There is already a huge amount of consumer interest and demand."

The industry has not been able to meet the surging amount of orders for electrics. Nino di Cara also noted that it's not a recent problem as salespeople haven't been inclined to sell E.V.s or hybrids for a while now.

The New Federal Plan

A new federal plan might solve this problem by insisting on selling internal combustion vehicles. According to it, salespeople must also move a certain percentage of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). This scheme has worked well in California, B.C., and Quebec. Rebates offered by B.C. and Quebec are also a factor.

The Challenges Faced by Manufacturers

Some major challenges of selling E.V.s were highlighted recently by the president of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association, Brian Kingston, who talked about pain points like making electrics is expensive, the tax incentives by the government being low, and charging networks being yet to be completed.

Level Playing Field is Essential

Nino di Cara is sympathetic to these challenges. He said, "From an automaker's point of view, it is quite understandable, you prefer not to have those mandates and requirements to sell a certain number of vehicles." But he also said that having standardized rules in place for every manufacturer level the playing field for all the competing Canadian dealerships.

He stated, "It's no longer a question of E.V.s when; it's now just a question of how." Di Cara also highlighted that the world switched from horsepower to oil power when there was almost no oil, but businesses learned to drill miles underground in a few years and often made a fortune. So, businesses should not wait for charging station networks or to have a huge stock of battery minerals to start pushing E.V.s.

What Research Says About EV Adoption in Canada

New research shared by Clean Energy Canada compared E.V.s with their internal combustion equivalents revealed that buying an electric car already saves a consumer a minimum of $15,000 over the life of a car.

New Business Opportunities Will Also Rise

Adopting E.V.s in Canada will also lead to new entrepreneurial businesses like Electric Autonomy. The company recently challenged architects to create the E.V. equivalent of gas stations. It was a successful event as the winning design by Scottish architect James Silvester will soon be turned into a reality in British Columbia by service station company Parkland. It was one of the sponsors of the competition.


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