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Bringing the empowering advice and strategic sportsmanship of a professional athlete, Nathan Gatt of Gatt Wealth Management has coached his team and clients toward victory; earning a spot amongst the Canadian Business Review Board's Best Businesses, Nathan's company has been built on a culture of perseverance, teamwork, innovation, and accessibility that has proven to pay dividends in client satisfaction.  In the Q&A with BNS' Jasmine Kara, Nathan shares the motivating mantras that he has leveraged to grow his business of managing wealth into the successful enterprise it is, today - starting with no capital at all.  Read the full interview, below, to learn how Nathan - as a single dad - went from being a retired tennis pro to leading a top Ontario wealth management team:

To succeed, you need strength, courage and vigilance.

 Nathan Gatt, Wealth Advisor/President, Gatt Wealth Management

Q & A With Nathan Gatt, Wealth Advisor & President at Gatt Wealth Management

What services does Gatt Wealth Management offer?

Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds, GICs, ETFs, Life Insurance, Estate Planning and Group Pension and Benefits in the Province of Ontario 

How did you come up with the idea to start Gatt Wealth Management, and what purpose did you intend to serve with the concept?

I started this business in 2001 with zero dollars, zero clients, and a passion for managing money - with the determination and focus of a professional athlete. Now, nearly 21 years later, the practice I built from the ground up - during uncertain economic times – is still going strong. We are expanding with support staff and work associates.  To succeed, you need strength, courage and vigilance. My clients know I look out for their best interests, whether the economy is good, bad or ugly.

My philosophy is to actively engage clients, rather than “selling” them on what to do; I prefer to ask what they think.  I consider it a family approach to money management. 

I call my clients, "colleagues," because we’re in this together for one future goal: to retire with dignity.     

Which milestones have marked meeting benchmarks towards the fulfillment of your personal goals/ the company's vision and goals?

I’ve added to my services. Last year, I finished the CEA designation (Certified Executor Advisor). I use this knowledge to help a client dig deeper, expedite the process and find money when someone passes on. When it comes to someone’s finances, losing money is not an option; finding money based on research and knowledge is a win.    

Which steps have you taken for the company to achieve the level of consumer trust that has been nationally recognized? 

I truly care about my clients’ money like it’s my own. I always put a client’s needs first and my mission statement is to help people retire with dignity. I feel this is even more important today during a possible recession, inflation and raising costs of living. From older clients to new, I have received many positive endorsements for this approach.     

What part of your education or other experiences do you feel was the most helpful in preparing you for success? 

I came into this business as a retired tennis professional.  I also played some very high-level hockey.  I instill confidence in my clients, and because of my background in athletics, I tell them the same thing I would tell the international-level athletes I once coached about success, courage and focus.  

Which strategies have you found the most effective in growing your audience/ bringing awareness of your service to a larger consumer group? 

I am a firm believer in using social media and technology to reach as many people as possible. I also believe in helping other businesses and working together to increase that reach. I work with a trusted social media advisor group,  my compliance team and my very astute branch managers.    All of this also doesn't happen without the assistance of my wonderful associate, Sarah Macgregor; she's been my business assistant for 6 years now.

I post daily updates most mornings that receive over a couple-hundred views.  It’s a one-minute clip discussing what today’s market is going to look like, and a reminder to get some fresh air.  The response has been unbelievable. Now, I’m investing more towards social media marketing. I have many new and younger clients and I want them to know that I’m technologically engaged. I also use the platform to promote and help other businesses. With regard to tech, I still do old-school paper, but I also use other technologies like Zoom Meetings and DocuSign to assist me in my practice. I try to cover all spaces so that all generations know they’re taken care of. 

Which partnerships, if any, have been the most constructive in bringing your goals closer to becoming a reality?

My mutual fund dealers are Worldsource Financial Management and Gatt Wealth Management. For the insurance side of my practice, I work with one of the largest independent managing general agencies (MGA) in Canada, The Gryphin Advantage Inc. 

I joined Gryphin 8 years ago and I call them my family.  "Gryphin strong,” is our motto or "Good You!!"  I  play on their hockey team, tennis program and attend all of their conferences.  I  have won a few leadership awards with their company. My Gryphin colleagues are an amazing group of people. Everyone has their own company, but we all work together; we’re not competitors. I’ve surrounded myself with a group of professionals who genuinely want to help each other be successful.  

Are there any challenges that made it difficult to continue operation and that you managed to overcome? What was your approach to get past these?

There's an analogy in hockey that the stars shine during the playoffs; since the pandemic hit, this is our playoffs.  In times of high anxiety, people are worried about their money, and this is when your advisor should shine; now is the time when the good ones should shine.  We are praised, daily, for this approach.    

How do you balance work, passions/hobbies, and relationships?

Focus, working out early in the morning, and a lot of bedtime reading.  I have a passion for food, and I love to cook and entertain family, friends, colleagues and clients.    


What are your future plans to build on your personal/ company achievements and fulfill your vision for success/ what developments can your audience or clientele look forward to expecting next?

I have clients all over and friends/family asking me for advice, and I’m at a point in my career where I’m interviewing clients more than they’re interviewing me.  I have hired an amazing  junior associate, named Evan T McGrath.  He comes from a professional athlete background, and I am looking to hire more individuals like him, who are hungry to help people.   We are swamped right now due to change in the markets, because of which clients are referring people to us for second opinions; we always make time for people.  


What advice would you like to give readers that hope to achieve success in your field?

Success is earned - not given - and in our industry, staying up with the current trends and technology is what separates us from the rest.  It's an ever-changing business, and we are leading-edge when it comes to the trends.  We are proactive in our approach - not reactive.            

Is there anything else you would like to share with Winner Magazine readers?

I am a single dad to two sons, Mavryck (19) and Joaquin (15), and I live in Chippawa, Ontario, a community located just outside of Niagara Falls. For the past 10 years, I have been raising these boys as a single parent. Mavryck plays NCAA Lacrosse in South Carolina and Joaquin is also playing prep school lacrosse at St. Joseph Collegiate Institute in Buffalo, NY.


I continue to be actively involved in sports as an athlete and benefactor. I play competitive hockey twice each week and tennis as often as I can. I also raise money for children’s cancer and mental health charities, including examples like growing my hair and shaving my head 3 times to donate to the charity, Wigs for Kids. 

I do a lot for kids and people in general.  I have two boys of my own, so it’s very close to my heart. If someone asks me to help with something related to kids, I will always say, "Yes."    

We thank Nathan for sharing these insights and experiences with Winner Magazine's readers.  If you are looking for Wealth Management Services in the Ontario Area, we would recommend reaching out to Nathan at Gatt Wealth Management!

Please note: Mutual Funds and Segregated Funds provided by the Fund Companies are offered through Worldsource Financial Management Inc., sponsoring mutual fund dealer. All other insurance products and related services are offered through Nathan Gatt.

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