Can Google's AR Glasses Offer a Renewed Sense of Wonder?

Technology is one of the most amazing inventions that never ceases to surprise us. The annual I/O conference by Google is recent proof of how technology can and will change our lives for good. One of the key products that Google teased at the conference, even at its end, was augmented reality glasses. Read on to know more about them and many other boons of technology.

In the clip shown by Google, a mother and daughter talked about how a device like this might help bridge the communication gap between them. One of them spoke only English and the other only Mandarin. When two people communicate in different languages, the glasses that look like normal pair of spectacles will pick up what's being said and then display a translated stream of text in the users' field of vision in real-time. Google said that it was like "subtitles for the world."

The Reality

Though the display and the presentation were amazing, the question remains about whether the translator glasses will work as they are advertised or not. Also, there is a serious concern about privacy as you never know what will be recorded and sent to Google or put on a server without the users' knowledge.

The Dependence

Another potential problem with these wonderful gadgets could be the problem of dependence. Most of the gadgets that are a part of modern tech are not just stand-alone products. Every other gadget a person purchases these days has several complementary products that people are attracted to or must buy.

Rising Monetization

As tech gadgets are getting more advanced, they are also being monetized more than ever. Most gadgets these days serve you ads by tracking your moves and invading your privacy. So, you have to tolerate getting exposed to countless ads throughout the day.

Increasing Addiction

Some of the gadgets are also designed in such a way that you get addicted to them. Most of us spend a lot of time on our mobiles and can't even put them down when it's time to sleep. Many of us even start our days with notifications and read them before even brushing our teeth or having a bite to eat. Everyone, from older people to little children, is getting addicted, and often they don't realize or accept that they are addicted.

A Ray of Hope

There is no doubt that if the AR glasses by Google work efficiently, they will be a ray of hope for people who have trouble connecting with their loved ones due to a language barrier. They can also help make business communication faster and quicker. Businesses won't need to depend on human translators or other internet services to communicate with people in other geographical areas.

All in all, Google's AR Glasses could be a ray of hope for every technology enthusiast who wants tech to change people's lives for the better. We just have to wait and watch how Google takes things forward.



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