Capture Precious Moments Easily- Snapchat's Flying Selfie Drone Pixy is Here

Snapchat was the first photo camera app in the world that offered many filters like dog filter. It was launched in 2012 and since then has gained immense popularity and love from all over the world. It reached a high of more than 150 million regular engaged users at one time. Even now, its number of daily active users is growing. To retain its success, the company has launched two hardware products. One was back in 2016, and one was launched recently. Read more about both here.

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Snap Spectacles

The first hardware product by Snapchat, which changed its name to Snap Inc. in 2016, was Snap Spectacles. It was launched in 2017. It costs $130 and records video with the push of a button. It can also sync the movie remotely without even a smartphone, allowing you to share it with others easily. There is no doubt that the spectacles were a hip product, but they were also a failure as less than 1% of Snapchat users bought these glasses.

Pixy- The Flying Selfie Drone

Pixy is a flying selfie drone that's also the second product released by Snap Inc. The company says that it's a "free-flying companion" which lets you take photos without a selfie stick. It is available in the US and France, where drone use is more permissible than in several other nations like the UK.

Pixy is a self-contained device that can record video as it flies and wirelessly transfer and save it in the app. After the flight is concluded, the selfie drone will sit quietly in the palm of your hand, and you can use it instantly.

The CEO of Snap Inc., Evan Spiegel, has high hopes for the device. He believes that Pixy might be more successful than the Snap Spectacles. He said, "After a couple versions of camera glasses, it just becomes very clear that the market for camera glasses is actually very small and constrained to people who want that first person POV. I think the market for Pixy is bigger."

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High Hopes

The hopes for Pixy are also high because drones are now more popular in the industry and even with the general public.

According to the Managing Director of Nationwide Drones, Owen Jenkins, "Drone use is already mainstream across media, cinematography, surveying, and inspection. It can only be expected that personal drones will become commonplace in society. If it's small, light, and slow, it's very unlikely to cause damage or injury. I can't see why they won't be the next smartphone boom."

Though Jenkins expressed concern about Pixy not having a direct controller, it's not a big issue as it's just 101g and comes with enclosed propellers which means it is unlikely to cause any damage even if it went rogue. He said, "It sits comfortably under the 250g limit where the user laws start to kick in."

Snap Inc. also said that products like Pixy are "subject to local, state and federal laws about who can fly them, how and where they should be flown." It also urged potential users to pay attention to the applicable drone laws in their country/state/city. Read more about Pixy here.



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