The Victoria Day Parade is Returning This Month After a 2-Year Hiatus

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the Victoria Day parade in 2021 and 2022. Thankfully, the parade is returning this year. If you are excited about it, read on to know how the Victoria Day Parade is returning this month after a 2-year hiatus.

The Financial Impact

The Great Victoria Festival Society or GVFS said that the financial impact of canceling the parade in 2020 was considerable. The main reason is that the event brings millions of dollars to the city's tourism sector.

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The Virtual Parade

The organization also created a Virtual Parade to replace the in-person parade. The GVFS also asked Canadian and American performers, bands, floats, and walking groups to send in their videos or pictures of their most recent performances as they couldn't participate in the event.

2022 Victoria Day Parade

In 2022, the Victoria Day Parade will be organized on May 23rd. The organizers stated this on the website- "The Greater Victoria Festival Society will host a world-class event showcasing our diverse cultures and celebrating our Frontline workers from various business and nonprofit organizations. We are thrilled to be back, and we dedicate 2022 to all of YOU!"

The Route


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The Victoria Day Parade will begin at Mayfair Mall and continue along Douglas Street. It will finish at the intersection of Douglas and Humboldt Street.GVFS stated that hundreds of cultural performances and floats would be organized along the entire route of the parade.

Supporting 41 Festivals

The City of Victoria announced via a statement that it would support 41 festivals in 2022. About $321,200 will be Festival Investment Grant Funding, and about $129,500 will be in-kind contributions. It is hoped that the money will help boost the parade and mark the return of the festival season.

The GVFS has received $16,000 in funding. It will go towards the Victoria Day Parade and Santa Light Parade.

Mayor Lisa Helps said, "Grab your sun hat and festival chair, after the long pandemic hiatus, it's going to be a great summer for arts and culture events in Victoria. I am thrilled to see the exciting lineup of culturally diverse, family-friendly events, from dance and theatre to music and community performances. There is something new to attend every week."

The parade would aim to honor the frontline workers. The city will also publish an online "City Vibe" guide with a complete list of summer events in May. One can check the full schedule of the Victoria Day 2022 Parade over here.



Image Source-,activities%20elsewhere%20in%20the%20region.

Return of the Pride Parade

The Victoria Pride Festival is also scheduled from June 23rd to July 2nd. The Victoria Pride Parade will cruise through town on Sunday, June 26th.

Victoria Pride Society said, "The colorful march will envelop the downtown Inner Harbour in the most vibrant display of pride on Vancouver Island."

VPS President Britton Kohn said, "I'm excited to collaborate with both an invigorated board of directors and our first-ever executive director to ensure 2SLGBTQIA+ communities are the focus of our parade and festival, especially after two years of living in isolation. Together, we will continue to do the work to produce Pride so that all folks feel included; we are already looking forward to more volunteers getting involved."


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