7 Signs You Are in a Happy and Healthy Relationship

Not all relationships are created equal. This is the first thing to remember as a part of the couple. Your love language might differ from other couples, but it doesn’t mean that your relationship is not stronger. Every relationship has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, we should never judge ourselves or others. Here we have listed 7 signs that are essential for a happy and healthy relationship. Keep scrolling to discover how many your relationship has.

1.       Respect

Real respect in a relationship means that your partner respects who you are and accepts you with your qualities and flaws. They know that you are a unique individual and might have different opinions about some things.

2.       Trust

Many situations might lead to insecurity, jealousy, or temptations in a relationship. So, if one partner raises concerns, the other should offer reassurance and compassion rather than being dismissive about it. Reasserting the commitment to the relationship and the partner can also help.

3.       Communication

Listening should be as important as talking in any relationship. Both partners must feel heard and understood, and it will help them move on from a conflict and find a compromise. Use deep breathing and grounding exercise to witness, reflect and empathize with your partner before a strong emotional reaction.

4.       Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is a key aspect of most relationships. For some, it might mean cuddling, and for some, it might mean sex. Both partners should be able to communicate their desires without fear of shame or disgusting reactions from their partners. Both of you should have a say in your sex life.

5.       Feeling Independent From Your Partner

In a healthy relationship, you don’t feel the need to be with your partner all the time. You have interests and activities independently and friendships that are separate from your relationship. Your relationship should have a balance between I and We. You should focus on getting some “me” time and “we time” every day.

6.       Spending Time Together

No matter whether you like watching movies together, walking on the beach holding hands, or having deep conversations over a cup of coffee, you should ensure that you spend quality time together. When you take time for your partner and focus on talking about essentials like your relationship, finances, social interactions, or future, it will help strengthen your relationship. You can also spend some quiet time with your partner where you talk little but focus on the calmness the relationship offers you both.

7.       Demonstrate Love Through Gestures

To keep a relationship strong and healthy, you should frequently express your love to your partner. You can go with grand gestures or buy small useful gifts for them. Make your partner feel pampered and indulge them with surprises like breakfast in bed. Do things that make your partner happy, and you will feel good from the inside too when you see a big and contented smile on your partner’s face.







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