Indonesia to Host Coinfest Asia, The First And Biggest Crypto Festival in Asia

According to a report by Chainanalysis, Asia accounted for 28% of the overall $1.16 trillion global cryptocurrency transaction volume in the first half of 2021. Data from Messari also shows that Asian markets accounted for 43% of global cryptocurrency activities. There were $296 billion in transactions between June 2020 and June 2021.

So, when Asia was chosen to organize the first and biggest crypto festival recently, no one was surprised. Indonesia was particularly selected because it is home to 270 million people and has the seventh-largest crypto user base in the world. In 2021, the crypto owners in Indonesia rose by 85% to reach 7.4 million people. As Indonesia has the world's fourth-largest population, there is still much room for growth in the crypto industry.

And yes, Indonesia is also hosting this year's G20 and will probably become the center of digital economic transformation in Asia

Coinfest Asia is the name of that festival. It is an industry event organized by Coinvestasi. It will focus on the future of cryptocurrencies and Web3 in Asia.

The event aims to be a platform where crypto asset enthusiasts, industry leaders, and executives can come together and discuss building the future of crypto assets and blockchain technology in Asia. Coinfest Asia will be in a festival format and will be organized in Bali, Indonesia, on Aug. 25–26, 2022. It is supported by Coindesk, the Indonesian Blockchain Association, Coingecko, Blockchain Association Singapore, and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The two-day event will feature expert speakers who will discuss interesting topics like regulation, the crypto industry, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, the Metaverse, and others.

The list of Speakers at Coinfest Asia includes:

·       Jerry Sambuaga

·       Karl Mohan

·       Stephen Richardson

·       René Michau

·       Emily Parker

·       Yos Ginting

·       Rohan Juneja

·       Marouen Zelleg

·       Prakash Somosundram

·       Jeth Soetoyo

·       Tirta Karma Senjaya

·       Oliver Barker

·       Tamar Menteshashvili

·       Peter DeMeo

·       James Hu

·       Richard Robinson

·       Gwendolyn Regina

·       David Tng

·       Irene Umar

·       Ingrid Sia

·       Andre Tirto

·       Hrish Lotlikar

·       Aldi Raharja

·       Peter Ing

·       Kelly Choo

·       2D Vamp

The list of speakers will expand with time. If you are interested in becoming one, you can still contact the event organizers.

Dhila Rizqia, event lead at Coinfest Asia, stated, "We hope that Coinfest Asia can open up spaces for regulators, project founders and creators, developers and the community to connect with each other and create innovations for the better development of the crypto industry. That way, the people of Asia, especially South-East Asia, can get more benefits from the digital world."

Coinfest Asia is selling Early bird tickets with a limited quota until July 15. The sales will be closed when the quota sells out. You can get the tickets here.

About Coinvestasi

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