Tech News You Must Read- Top News That Might Impact Your Business

Technology is changing at a more rapid pace than ever. Blink, and you will miss the updates. As a business owner, you must keep up with the latest trends in tech and know how it impacts your business. To help you keep up, here's the essential tech news you must read that might impact your business.

Ø  Google is Not Replacing Third Party Cookies Until 2024

Google has decided to push back the date of the update that will replace third-party cookies. The company wants to re-evaluate its new privacy testing before eliminating the current system. Google aims to address privacy concerns with this update.

How It Will Impact Businesspeople: The new policy by Google can impact lead generation activities for a business. When cookies go down, your way of handling ads might also change forever.

Ø  Digital Wallets Are Going Strong

A study says that over 60% of the global population will use digital wallets only by 2026. Super apps will also be there that combine all your payment methods into one cohesive app.

How It Will Impact Businesspeople: Businesses must be prepared to accept payments using digital apps. The point-of-sale software provider can help ensure your payment methods are up to date.

Ø  Outlook Lite is Here

Outlook has released Outlook Lite for low-end Android users who don't have 4G. Sadly, it's not compatible with Android Work Profile and Mobile Application Management (MAM) for work accounts.

How It Will Impact Businesspeople: Small businesses can benefit from the new release.

Ø  Cyberhackers Target Small Businesses

A small jewelry store in Georgia was targeted by cyber attackers, which people generally believe go only after large corporations. A study has also confirmed that small businesses are being attacked by cyber-attacks significantly more than large businesses.

How It Will Impact Businesspeople: Small businesses need to be prepared for cyber-attacks and create backups for everything. Using the right software, training the staff, and reviewing your cybersecurity can also help.

Ø  Amazon Prime Day Was the 'Biggest Two-Day Period Ever' for Third-Party Sellers

Amazon said that the recent Prime Day was the biggest two-day period ever for the third-party sellers as Prime members in twenty countries purchased over 250 million items, and they "saved more than any Prime Day before." Also, Amazon has cut back on hiring.

How It Will Impact Businesspeople: People are buying more online than ever, and a business owner should keep up with the trend. Don't just depend on Amazon. Explore other options as well. Never put all your eggs in one basket!

Ø  Microsoft Has Announced Windows 11

Microsoft has announced the release of its new operating system with several design changes like "widgets" for seeing the news, weather, and other information, better integration with Microsoft Teams, and a revamped app store and support for Android apps.

How It Will Impact Businesspeople: Businesses that use Windows should wait before going for Windows 11 to skip this upgrade's inevitable and unforeseen problems.


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