Exclusive Interview With Isabella Baboury, Fashion Executive at Christian Louboutin and Founder of The Birthday Wish Project, for Winner Magazine, | BNS News

Being positioned in a top-ranking career for one of the world's leading luxury fashion brands is enough to complete any motivated professional's checklist, however, Isabella Baboury has set an even higher standard for her mark on this world by finding a way to give back; while thriving in her role as an influential Christian Louboutin Fashion Executive, and also, as a Board Member for the French-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Baboury, has tapped into her lifelong drive to serve those in need by founding The Birthday Wish Project.  In this moving interview with BNS' Jasmine Kara, Baboury shares stories of the moments that helped build her philanthropic passions and strengths for versatile success across the charity and fashion industry domains.   Watch the full interview to hear Isabella's priceless pointers, as well as to learn about how you might be able to work with the The Birthday Wish Project to help make a dream come true for a child in a marginalized community:

We thank Isabella Baboury for joining us for this Winning Circle Series interview, and for sharing her experiences and advice with our followers.  If you haven't already, take a look at the The Birthday Wish Project to help children in marginalized communities get a heart-warming birthday treat!
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