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With their recognition at a national level for exemplary performance in the innovation domain, GL Chemtec caught our eye as a research and solutions company worth looking into!  Straight out of your favourite marvel movie comes the caliber of work this industry leader does in making pharmaceutical discoveries for clients.  Based in Oakville, Ontario, GL Chemtec has conducted their expert work not only locally, but also at an international level.  Here are a few reasons why we believe GL Chemtec has received a perfect 5-star Google review average, as well as listing in the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board's directory for Best Businesses in Canada of 2023:

"We have an integrated and dynamic team with transferable skills and experience in multiple disciplines. "

The Science Behind the Success of GL Chemtec International, a Pharmaceutical Solutions Provider

1. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Services

With their large and rare arsenal of equipment, GL has become the expert in synthesizing compounds used in a number of therapeutic areas, including but not limited to oncology, CNS, and HIV/AIDS (Note: They are proud to operate under ISO 9001:2015).

2. Materials Science Services

GL Chemtec takes a unique approach to developing new technologies. They have a dynamic and multidisciplinary team that includes organic chemists, organo-metallic chemists, polymer chemists, and contact lens formulators. They work together to think outside the box to develop revolutionary technologies.  (Note: New material development and drug delivery technologies are researched and carried out in their Class 6 ISO 13485:2016 certified cleanroom.)

3. Medicinal Chemistry

This company has a broad and extensive experience in therapeutic drug discovery programs, such as oncology, central nervous system disorders, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, anti-psychotics, gastrointestinal conditions, inflammation, anti-infectives and Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Custom Synthesis

GL Chemtec's list of custom services include:

-Research and development of synthetic pathways for the production of the most complex molecules
-Small-scale and large-scale chemistry capabilities – From milligrams to multi-kilograms, we can take your projects from idea to production
-A fully-equipped synthetic and analytical laboratory, able to handle complex distillations, purifications, and scale-ups in their new pilot plant.

5. Contract Research

Clients only need to provide GL Chemtec with a target molecule or library, and they follow up with these thorough steps:

-Brainstorming of potential feasible and efficient synthetic routes
-Laboratory synthesis initiated en route to the generation of a representative sample of the target molecules
-Weekly progress reports and telecommunications conducted
-Full analytical evaluation performed
-Evaluation and optimization of new synthetic routes performed
-Scale-up of target molecules

6. Giving Back

GL Chemtec sets itself apart by making a priority of giving back to the local and international community.  They are proud supporters of the Oakville Hospital, Oakville Meals on Wheels and the Oakville Fareshare Foodbank.  Recent outreach initiatives include a focus on providing aid to victims of the Ukraine crisis.
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7. Reviews

Given their commitment to keeping clients up to date on the progress of projects with weekly reports, it is no wonder GL Chemtec has such glowing reviews!  

Real Google review by Abu Anas:

" will be an example for us and for future generations."

If you’re looking for contract research and pharmaceutical solutions services, we would recommend reaching out to GL Chemtec International!

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