Canadian Artist, Jasmine K Kara, Professes Her Love, Bollywood-Style, With Her Recent Hit, Milgaya

 Best known for smashing the desi pop scene with her vocal debut on the hit “Rishi Rich Ishq Remix”, Jasmine K Kara has just released her first full-length single, “Milgaya.” This romantic RnB jam is sure to make any Bollywood-lover sway and swoon!  Keeping in mind that a lot of her fans cross English and hindi-speaking cultures, Jasmine released not only the official Vevo music video along with the track in mid March, but she also released a full lyrics and translation video through her personal YouTube channel. 

Featured, below, the official album cover for Jasmine K Kara’s latest release, “Milgaya” (label: TMC Records Worldwide):

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There is a truly touching story behind this intimate piece that is written, produced, and sung on by Jasmine K Kara.  Jasmine recounts that it was four years ago that she had written this song to share with her husband on Valentine’s day, and that she had promised to officially release the track in time to walk down the aisle to it for their 10-year vow renewal.  In 2023, she delivered in full gear, and the music video depicts some very real moments of romance between the couple (including an actual tear of joy at the end of the video); in the video, we can even catch a glimpse of the smitten couple walking down the aisle to the song itself!

See the official Vevo music video, here:

Raised in Toronto in a gujjurati/punjabi household, Jasmine K Kara brings a vibe that can be appreciated by the west and the east- a gift which has brought fans to follow her regardless of language differences:

Sharon Maxwell comments on March 27, 2023:
I (don’t) know what you are saying, but you are singing beautifully. 

Beautiful poetry is sprinkled tastefully throughout this love song, and to share the meaning of these lyrics with her multicultural following, Jasmine has posted this lyrics translation video to her YouTube channel: 

If you love this love song by Jasmine K Kara, you’ll surely love what she has in store for you next!  A danceable Punjabi-English pop song called, “Raat Meri,” is on schedule to release in early May, featuring production by ZMBYA.  This should be followed closely by what Indieferrential Magazine has anticipated will be the “biggest hit of the summer of 2023:” a collaboration with fellow Toronto pop icon, Karl Wolf!

Follow the charismatic starlette on her social channels to stay on top of all her official and casual releases coming up throughout the year:

Watch Jasmine K Kara's recent interview with Kubra of Awaz Entertainment, here:

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